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Clubs and Societies

Student clubs are an integral and exciting part of the student experience while studying at Bond.  Whether it be joining a club as a member or executive, attending one of the many club events held on campus or even forming a new club of your own interest.                              

The variety of student clubs on campus span many categories which are summarised as social, cultural, sports, community, religious, arts and educational. See our full list of clubs active in the current calendar year.             

Social clubs on campus offer students the opportunity to come together and enjoy friendship and a common interest. Events are numerous and offer a wide range of activities all year round.

Cultural clubs cater for Bonds diversification of many cultures on campus. All students are welcome to join in and participate in each cultural club regardless of nationality. Our students proudly display and share the unique and wonderful food and festivals from their home countries with all students. International Week is the highlight of the semester for these clubs.

Sports clubs are supported by BUSA and managed by Bond Sports. Many of our teams compete in local and national competitions and are a fantastic way to get fit and meet new friends.

Community clubs are the heart and soul of the community conscience. Whether it be volunteering for a good cause, giving blood, protecting the environment or supporting others; there is a club for everyone who wants to make a difference.

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At Bond we encourage and support our students religious beliefs. Many clubs have been formed for students with a common religious interest. These clubs often come together socially with regular meetings as well as events that welcome and include the general student population.

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Our educational clubs often sit as subsidiaries of the four main faculty student associations (FSA's). They assist students with topical interests in their studies at Bond.

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Bond University Student Association (BUSA)

Bond proudly boasts a modern, forward thinking student association which is professionally governed by an all-student based executive management committee, elected by the student body at the beginning of semester three each year. 

BUSA is the overarching authority to all Bond student clubs and has two Directors who are specifically tasked to look after the interests of Student Clubs on campus.

Their office is located above the Lakeside eatery, overlooking the lake on the student verandah. All students can utilise this beautiful area and take advantage of the lovely view and sunshine.

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Office location BUSA contact details

Faculty Student Associations (FSA)

Each school and faculty has a designated student association specifically focused on the interests of students studying in their specific fields. These associations are commonly called 'FSA's' and liaise closely with the University to bring students the best support and access to social and educational events. They also provide a network of like-minded peers who are able to encourage and support students on the journey through their studies. There are many other subsidiary clubs which disseminate fields of study further to specific subjects or fields of study interest. A full list of all clubs on campus can be found here, or view the major faculty association links below.

HMSA Current society members 2020:

President: Partheneya Mikhail
Vice President: David Sunnyboy
Secretary: Sylvia Huang
Treasurer: Aditya Kaushal
Academic Affairs Director: Razeen Parvez
Promotions Director: Vethahi Arunthayaparan
Sponsorship Director: Lara Crouch
Social Director: Tarek Barhoun
Biomedical Science Director: Katherine Graham
Medicine Director: Pri Kumar
Sports & Exercise Science Director: James Kleidon
Postgraduate Director: Sarah Kitcher

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LSA Committee members 2020:


Alexandra (Ali) Harris


Martin Floro

Vice-President (Education)

Finley Harding

Vice-President (Finance & Events)

Elijah Png

Vice-President (Careers)

Alexandra (Ally) Frizelle

Academic Affairs Director

Gabriel Tirol

Equity Director

Samirah Aziz

Postgraduate Director

Simran Sidhu

First Year Director

Aaron Hollis

Social Director


Marketing Director

Mikayla Phipps

Communications Director

Olivia (Liv) Rankine

Sponsorship Director

Joshua Cooley

Competitions Director

Dan Canta

Publications Director

Claudia Wilson

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