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Bond University Limited

Bond University Limited (the Company) is a company limited by guarantee. As a result, in place of shareholders, the University has members who are drawn from among the University’s key stakeholder groups:

  • students
  • alumni
  • staff
  • the community

The Chancellor is a member of the Company ex-offico. The University Council also appoints a Councillor as a Company member.

The principal role of ordinary members of the Company is to elect the nine non-executive Councillors of the University, who comprise the Board of Directors of Bond University, Ltd. The Chair of the Board is Chancellor of the University. The Vice Chancellor is also a Council member and a Director of the Company. As Chief Executive of the University, the Vice Chancellor is thereby accountable to the University Council.

The Constitution also makes provision for (non-voting) Trustee members whom are primarily concerned with fundraising and development activities.

As the peak Academic body of the University, the Academic Senate (which is provided for in the Company's Constitution), is an advisory body to the Vice Chancellor on matters relating to the academic activity of the University.

The University is a not-for-profit organisation and holds Deductible Gift Recipient status.