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Gone are the days of being restricted to a single faculty.

Bond University’s four Transformation Degree programs combine discipline studies with critical thinking, an innovative core of transdisciplinary subjects, and learning based in industry or community.

Transformation students work as a collective to complete the five intersecting components of each program:

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The digital transformation of society is accelerating. The Bachelor of Digital Transformation prepares graduates for roles in the modern rapidly changing work environment with the inclusion of an immersive industry-based learning program. Gain the knowledge and practice that will help you lead cultural and technological change in and across organisations.

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This transdisciplinary program promotes student curiosity and prepares graduates for professional roles in the modern ever-changing work environment. Immerse yourself in this industry-based learning program and investigate theories, methods, and tools including visual design, machine learning, and big data to harness information and facilitate informed decision-making.

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Innovations in health treatment, changing societal expectations and increasing global populations are driving an increasing demand for professionals who can effectively manage new technologies, systems and processes. The Bachelor of Health Transformation will ensure you gain the skills to understand the changing demands that society will place on health systems.

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Gain an immersive intellectual and practical experience in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential for the delivery of legal services in the face of rapid and persistent technological change. The Bachelor of Legal Transformation offers an engaging learning experience in which you will explore contemporary legal problems and design innovative solutions. 

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The Transformation Core includes transdisciplinary subjects in design thinking, law and technology and global citizenship, and industry and community immersions designed by the student in consultation with a personal advisor.

Students explore real-world problems associated with their discipline. Through these explorations, students develop the skills, knowledge and language necessary to provide ethical, practical and creative solutions in the face of rapid and persistent change.

Embedded within our undergraduate programs, the Bond Core subjects develop Bond’s three graduate attributes to ensure that our students are capable individuals, effective collaborators and global citizens.

Working with their personal advisor, students design a specialist stream with study opportunities across faculties and disciplines.

Beyond Bond is a personalised, degree-wide professional development program through which students develop broad employability skills and engage in a portfolio of experiences to support the transition from study to the workforce.

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