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At Bond, students are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates have the ability to create and sustain meaningful work both as graduates and across the career lifespan.

At the centre of this commitment is the University’s Core Curriculum. Embedded in our undergraduate programs, the Core subjects engage students in developing Bond’s three graduate attributes to ensure that our students are capable individuals, effective collaborators and global citizens.

Undergraduate students complete the three semester-long Core Curriculum subjects described below.

Bond Core Curriculum

Enabling every Bond student to become a Capable Individual, Effective Collaborator and Global Citizen

Developing capable individuals

Critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills are essential for success in higher education studies and across the career lifespan. In Critical Thinking and Communication, students learn how to evaluate arguments, identify assumptions, judge patterns of inference and recognise and apply various methods of reasoning.

Students learn how to clarify and visually represent their thinking to make better decisions, evaluate and use evidence and communicate more effectively in their writing and speaking.

Developing effective collaborators

Being an effective collaborator is essential to personal and professional life. Contributing effectively as an individual, team player or a leader in diverse social contexts requires both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

In Collaboration, Teams and Leadership, students gain a greater understanding of their personality, values, emotions, perceptions, and related attributes, and develop an appreciation of the diversity of these characteristics in others. This enables students to work effectively in diverse multi-disciplinary groups and to develop the followership and leadership behaviours that are highly valued in contemporary organisations.

Developing global citizens

Integrity, and the courage and capability to act on one’s sense of responsibility, are key components of a thriving life. Responsibility, Integrity and Civic Discourse fosters a lifelong commitment to responsible discourse and action in all spheres of human interaction, recognising the global aspect to contemporary citizenship.

The subject explores the complex relationship between character, responsible action, and creative critical thinking – allowing students to reflect on and articulate their unique sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

By accentuating the importance of justification and articulation of the reasons for our actions, students’ critical, communicative, and cooperative capabilities are exercised so that they can thrive with integrity in the multiple contexts of action they will face as private, civic, professional and global citizens.