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Our mission

The Bond University Student Association (BUSA) is your student organisation and provides services to the broader student community. BUSA's mission is to make student life at Bond more rewarding - ranging from enhancing academic pursuits, facilitating sporting involvement and satisfying social necessities. BUSA is a voluntary, apolitical group of elected students here to represent you and help you make the most of your time at Bond.

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Our team

The BUSA team consists of 18 highly dedicated volunteers made up entirely of currently enrolled students. Their vision is to constantly and consistently improve the student experience at Bond and beyond. They remain your voice on campus and are professional, highly motivated and focused on their individual portfolios as well as the overall BUSA vision.

Meet our team

Services and support

BUSA offers a number of services and support to students, including:

  • clubs, societies and association support
  • social, educational and cultural events
  • acting as your voice on University issues
  • publications
  • external connections

Where to find us

BUSA’s Office is located above the Lakeside eating area on the second floor overlooking the central lake and fountain.  It is accessible from the external stairs in front of building six, or from level two by walking around the verandah towards the front of the building.  The BUSA Office is staffed by the Executives and Directors of BUSA on a rotating roster, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

BUSA Office

BUSA Elections | Voting has closed for 2021-2022

Nominations for 2022-2023 Committee will open in Semester 2, 2022.

The BUSA Management Committee elections are held in September to October each year. All positions are re-elected at this time. Nominations open in Semester two and close in the first week of Semester three. Candidates follow BUSA Election processes as listed in the Election By-laws. 

Voting is via a secure link and is managed by Electoral Officers nominated by the University. All currently enrolled students are eligible to vote.


BUSA Annual General Meeting

All currently enrolled students are welcome to attend the AGM to be held in Building 6_3_27