Family Dispute Resolution Clinic

The Bond FDR Clinic (the Clinic) provides high quality, caring, client-centred specialist family dispute resolution services at a low cost to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients in conflict and for the entire community as a result. 

The Clinic aims to assist families and children through FDR to overcome the challenges associated with separation, and to establish effective post-separation parenting arrangements for the family’s well-being into the future. The Clinic is dedicated to reducing the negative effects of dispute and conflict, and improving and strengthening relationships.  

The Clinic also aims to provide Bond FDR students with supervised family dispute resolution (‘FDR’) workplace experience with a focus on best practice and safety. 

Objectives of the Clinic 

  • to provide high quality professionally supervised family dispute resolution to clients in Queensland and northern NSW. 
  • to provide Bond FDR students with the opportunity to complete their required hours of supervised FDR practice. (The supervised FDR practice is a course requirement for satisfactory completion of the Family Dispute Resolution training which is conducted by the Bond University Faculty of Law Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC)). 
  • to provide students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in a controlled and supportive environment and prepare them for FDR practice. 


To contact the FDRC about family mediation, please call +61 7 5595 2004 or email