Dispute Resolution Centre

About the Dispute Resolution Centre

Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) is recognised as a leader in mediation excellence. The centre brings together some of the country’s leading dispute resolution specialists whose training, teaching and research expertise places Bond at the forefront of current industry theory and practice.

The DRC plays a multifaceted role in promoting dispute resolution best practice both on and off-campus. The centre is committed to ensuring Bond Law students benefit fully from DRC members’ expert knowledge. The insights and real-life experiences shared by members ensures coursework topics and resources enrich students’ learning experiences and give them confidence to excel in their chosen legal careers.

In the wider community, the DRC delivers a range of specialist courses, workshops and seminars for individuals seeking to develop their mediation skills. The centre has exceptional educational capabilities and can specifically tailor training to suit the needs of legal specialists and other professionals from a range of different backgrounds and experience levels. Courses can be delivered both on-campus and in-house as well as locally, nationally and internationally.

The DRC aims to strengthen its global reputation as a mediation and dispute resolution leader. The centre actively seeks progressive research opportunities and provides keynote speakers for international conferences to uphold Bond’s standing among the world’s great universities.

Vision, mission and core objectives

The Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) is part of the Faculty of Law and was established in 1989. It has developed a national reputation for training, teaching, research and mediation process.

The centres’ aims and objectives are:

  • To promote a better understanding of the need for, dynamics of and advantages of consensus-oriented dispute resolution procedures.
  • To develop modules in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in the Law School programs.
  • To provide training in dispute resolution methods for lawyers and other professionals involved in this field.
  • To encourage and facilitate research and publications relating to different dispute resolution matters.
  • To provide an umbrella organisation for individuals and groups working in dispute resolution.

These aims and objectives are achieved through courses, workshops and seminars presented both on and off-campus as well as directed research.

The DRC welcomes Faculty of Law staff interested in becoming members.