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Research integrity

Research integrity involves upholding ethical standards in all aspects of academic work, including learning, teaching and research for all Bond University staff and students. It involves acting with the principles of honesty, fairness, trust, and responsibility and requires respect for knowledge and its development. Research integrity is foundational to the work of the academic community and applies in all areas of research endeavour including research data planning, security and storage, authorship, publication and reporting, and management of conflicts of interest.

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Why is Integrity Important?

It is imperative that all researchers adhere to the highest principles of honesty, accuracy and integrity so that the total body of knowledge increases without distortion of the truth.

Bond University is proud of its research record and is committed to ensuring that researchers engage in research to the highest standards of professional conduct to safeguard its reputation in the global academic community.

The Research Integrity Unit is an independent unit and is the first point of contact regarding concerns or complaints. The Research Integrity Unit will oversee any investigation process that may arise from a complaint.

Research Integrity Advisors

Where staff or students have a concern regarding a possible research integrity matter, they are encouraged to contact one of the Research Integrity Advisors listed below for advice: