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Diploma of Health Sciences

Where will your degree take you?

The health sciences sector is ever expanding with employment options varying depending on your level of study qualifications and experience. Studying the appropriate type and required programs such as undergraduate and postgraduate study in addition to clinical placements and registration, could open a broad range of career opportunities across a range of industry sectors such as health sciences, health care including medicine, rehabilitation and more. Below include the industry areas and possible roles that are included in these sectors.


Health, sport & nutrition

  • Health educator/promotion officer
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Health/medical administrator
  • Healthcare data scientist
  • Sport coach/trainer
  • Nutritionist


  • Medical resident
  • Registrar
  • General practitioner (GP)
  • Specialist
  • Psychiatrist

Movement & rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist

Graduate outcomes

Most of our diploma graduates opt to transition to a full degree program. Successful completion of the Diploma of Health Sciences guarantees you a place in related bachelor’s degrees at Bond University.

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes provide a broad and measurable set of standards that incorporate a range of knowledge, skills and abilities that will be achieved on completion of the program. These outcomes will help you determine whether this program aligns with your professional pathway, career and learning goals.

Further study options

Successful completion of the Diploma of Health Sciences program guarantees you a place in the following undergraduate programs.

Credit will be awarded for all eight diploma subjects, meaning that you will transition into the third semester of your chosen bachelor’s degree (with the exception of Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science which awards credits for six diploma subjects).

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