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Graduate employability

About graduate employability

A key priority at Bond University is graduate employability.

Graduate employability means that higher education alumni have developed the capacity to obtain and/or create work. Employability also means that Bond University and the employers we partner with support student knowledge, skills, attributes, reflective disposition and identity that graduates need to succeed in the workforce.

One of our key actions at Bond, as articulated in our Strategic Plan, is to develop strategies to deliver superior graduate outcomes with a focus on globally relevant careers.

Bond University is fortunate to have a Career Development Centre that not only provides exemplar services and supports to our students, graduates and employers, but also provides sector leadership in employment development. However, the Career Development Centre cannot achieve Bond University’s high graduate employment targets on its own. It takes the concerted effort and collaboration of every Bond University staff member, student and graduate (in cooperation with employers) to ensure that each and every graduate achieves the highest quality graduate outcomes

Find out more about the Bond University Career Development Centre and how to start preparing for employability today.


Engaging with graduate employability is an important means of making an outstanding contribution to student learning experiences. Here are 8 ways to enhance your students’ graduate employability

  1. Support increased opportunities for student work experience, placements and internships.
  2. Explicitly articulate the relevant graduate employability skills in the learning outcomes for every subject.
  3. Design authentic assessment activities, aligned with industry practices, standards and approaches.
  4. Know your disciplines’ career options and outcomes and be explicit about career pathways.
  5. Make the learning experience about knowledge, skills and attributes.
  6. Invite employers to engage.
  7. Invite graduates to engage.
  8. Explicitly teach students how to be employable.

Discuss each of these key points with your students. Invite staff from the Bond University Career Development Centre to come to your class and meet your students, providing them with further advice and support.

View the full report here.

At the University-level, we remain the only Australian university to require all of our undergraduate students to complete a series of core subjects aimed at producing leaders of tomorrow equipped with the generic skills so important to a successful career. The personal development opportunities offered through extra- [and co-] curriculum activities in the form of Beyond Bond set our graduates apart. We believe that this syllabus is a world-first in terms of its reach and structure. Beyond Bond will assist in defining the uniqueness of a Bond graduate.

Professor Tim Brailsford Vice Chancellor and President, Bond University