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Local apartments and studios

Live close to university  

How does a world where you can roll out of bed, get ready and stroll over to your first forum sound? Our consensus: pretty good. Thankfully, this is reality for many Bondies living in off-campus housing options within the local Varsity Lakes and Robina areas.  

With an abundance of studios and local apartments within a short walk of Bond, there are varied accommodation options to choose from that cater to a range of needs.  

Here are a few local apartment buildings regularly rented out by Bondies: 

Of course, there are many other options in the Robina and Varsity areas. If you’re unsure, ask another Bondy, or use tools like to do additional research and find your perfect place! 

Or venture further out...

If you would prefer to live in another suburb, there is a whole host of student-friendly apartments, share houses, townhouses and more scattered all around the Gold Coast. While there are too many places to recommend individually, here is a snapshot of each of the Gold Coast’s suburb ‘clusters’ and what they’re all about.

What to know before living off campus

Renting in a new city – or possibly even a new country – can be a daunting task, but with a couple of handy hints up your sleeve, it doesn’t have to be! Get up to speed with these must-knows for renters before you sign that lease.

Explore the local area

Discover places to live and things to do in the suburbs surrounding Bond University, including Robina and Varsity Lakes.

South Gold Coast

Other accommodation options