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Your path to business and social science studies in Australia

The upcoming semester for this program will be delivered in a multi-modal format, with classes designed to support and engage all learners. Whether they're on campus or abroad, all students will be able to access Bond's exceptional and personalised learning experience through dynamic and interactive lectures, tutorials, seminars, workshops and lab sessions.

Organisations of all types and sizes around the world require sound business management practices. Recognised internationally, the Bachelor of Business degree at Bond University is designed to inspire and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit; to give you the skills and knowledge to be an effective business leader; and, to prepare you to be able to influence the achievement of an organisation’s mission, goals and strategic objectives. Combined with a Bachelor of Social Science you will gain specialist knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and how this applies in businesses today.

Not only will you graduate with these career-ready business experiences, you will also graduate sooner with Bond’s accelerator program. Bond University offers a three-semesters-per-year timetable instead of the usual two meaning you graduate quicker than the rest.

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Preparing you for success

The Transformer: be a game changer

Learn more

When studying at Bond Business School, we want to ensure you’re prepared for success whatever that may look like for you. That’s why on top of your degree, you’ll have access to Australia’s first Transformer program aimed at teaching you big-picture thinking, creative problem solving and evidence-based decision making.

These skills can then be used to apply yourself within the Bond Business Accelerator program, the ultimate incubator for early stage start-ups. Like Alisha, you too could be starting your business while you’re still studying.

What our students say

"Faebella is a luxury activewear label turning Indigenous paintings into 'wearable art', inspired by my heritage. The Bond Business Accelerator program has been invaluable - it has given me the practical skills I need to help make Faebella a commercial success."

Photo of Alisha Geary in her Faebella activewear Alisha Geary Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws student, Bond Business Accelerator winner

Key features

  • Access to the Bond Business Commercialisation Centre and the Bond Business Accelerator that collectively offer a broad array of tools and networking opportunities.
  • Smaller classes and personal mentoring – learn in groups of around 20 to 30, delivering more interaction and more support.
  • Access to the business school’s formal mentor program where you will be supported by academic staff, senior students and alumni.
  • Bond Business degrees are internationally recognised and accredited worldwide.

About the program

The Bachelor of Social Science program encompasses several disciplines including criminology, psychology, counselling and behaviour management. The program allows you to combine majors to complete a program whose title reflects a specialisation of studies in a social sciences discipline area.

The Bachelor of Business prepares you for leadership roles in today’s global businesses. Show more

The Bachelor of Social Science program encompasses several disciplines including criminology, psychology, counselling and behaviour management. The program allows you to combine majors to complete a program whose title reflects a specialisation of studies in a social sciences discipline area.

The Bachelor of Business prepares you for leadership roles in today’s global businesses. Subjects in Business Model Generation and Business Model Execution will develop your entrepreneurial and innovation abilities.  You will be involved with the ideation, creation, validation and execution of a business which will give you the the edge over other business graduates. Show less

ModeOn Campus and Remote
Due to current travel restrictions, this program will temporarily be delivered using a mixture of on-campus, remote and multi-modal classes to support and engage all students, from all parts of the world. 
Duration8 semesters (2 years 8 months)
Starting semesters
  • May 2022
  • September 2022
  • January 2023
  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • May 2024
  • September 2024
Program typeBachelors Degree
Study areaBusiness and Commerce, Social Sciences, Psychology and Counselling
Program codeHB-21079
CRICOS code088309G
Credit for prior studyFor more details on applying for credit, please contact the Student Business Centre: [email protected]

The Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Social Sciences program comprises 32 subjects, as follows:

University core subjects (3)

Plus: CORE11-004 Beyond Bond: Professional Development and Community Engagement

Required subjects (9)

Business Major (6)

Students must select one (1) major from the following list. Business majors.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Marketing communication
  • Tourism Management

A list of Majors and Minors is available here.

Social Science Majors (12)

Students must choose one (1) of the following combinations:

Electives (2)

Students can choose 2 General Elective subjects (20CP).

  • General elective – A subject that may be chosen from any subject on offer across the University provided requisites, enrolment restrictions and any other faculty requirements have been met.

Students may also choose one of the following opportunities to use your elective subject to have an international experience or an Internship opportunity provided you meet the requirements. Please discuss with the Enrolment Advisor in the Student Business Centre.

Study Tour
  • The Study Tour requires approval from the Faculty. (Please note that additional costs and visa requirements are associated with this subject).
Individual Study Topic
  • The Individual Study Topic is only available in exceptional circumstances and requires the Program Director's approval.

The following opportunities are also available to Bond Business School students.

  • BUSN13-730: Business School International Semester
    Students will be undertaking study at approved overseas institutes offering an international internship experience program, facilitating both academic study courses and practical industry internship placement
  • Bond International Exchange Program
    Current Bond students have the opportunity to study at one of 80+ leading universities in our network of exclusive international partnerships, for one or two semesters.

Please visit BBS Program Structure and Sequencing for guidance on study plans

Important note for first semester students

You will be registered in the Bond Business Mentoring Program designed for all new undergraduate students; please be advised the first scheduled gathering is in the Bond Business School orientation, If you require further information please email [email protected]  

The below fees are based on the total estimated program fee divided by the number of standard full-time semesters required to complete the program. Fees may vary based on which subjects are selected and the number of subjects enrolled in for each semester.

Semester program fee:

  • Students commencing study in 2022: $21,040* per semester average
  • Students commencing study in 2023: $21,600* per semester average

Total program fee:

  • Students commencing study in 2022: $168,320
  • Students commencing study in 2023: $172,800

When considering the fees associated with your studies, keep in mind that Bond’s accelerated schedule means you can finish your degree sooner and be out in the workforce up to a year earlier than most other universities.

This time saving also represents a substantial reduction in accommodation and living costs, plus a full year of extra earnings.

Find out your financing options and other costs to consider.

* The fees listed are average costs displayed to provide an indicative program cost only, they may differ to the indicative fee included in the Bond University offer letter due to differences in individual and exact study schedules.

Tuition fees are subject to change on an annual basis and will be charged at the appropriate fee for the year of enrolment.

* Note: for students commencing January 2021 the University has held the 2020 tuition fee amount in recognition of the current circumstances, with 2021 fees effective only from the University’s May 2021 semester.

Academic requirements

Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past two years)
Entry score for 2021 entry

Visit our Bond Business School student profile and Faculty of Society & Design student profile if you are interested in the profile of all students who commenced undergraduate study at the Faculty in the January semester 2020.

Applicants must meet the University's general minimum admission criteria.

2022 Year 12 entry

In a disrupted world, Year 12 students have shown incredible resilience in adapting to the ongoing challenges presented by the events of recent years. Year 12 students can be assessed now for a guaranteed offer for 2022 entry conditional on the completion of Year 12. Applications will be assessed based on their first semester Year 12 results and meeting any subject prerequisite requirements for their program. Find out more.

International Secondary School students

For more information for International Students, including the International Baccalaureate, please go to the International Secondary School equivalency page.

Alternative entry pathways

For those applicants who do not currently have the required academic qualifications, there are a number of alternative entry pathways:

  • Bond University Tertiary Preparation programs
  • Bond University Diploma programs
  • Other institutional Tertiary Preparation Programs
  • Vocational education and training qualifications (Certificate IV and above)
  • Prior higher education experience (at this university or another)
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
  • Professional or para-professional qualifications/experience
  • Employment experience verified by a statement of service from the employer stating the position title and length of service and a very brief statement on the tasks undertaken.

For more information on what is required please visit our how to apply page.

English language proficiency requirements

As tuition is delivered in English, all students will be required to provide documented evidence of the required level of proficiency in the English language. Read more detailed information on English language proficiency requirements for university study.

Credit for prior study

Subject credits may be awarded for previous studies. To apply for credits, you will need to submit academic transcripts including detailed subject outlines/course descriptions for each relevant subject and/or certified copies of testamurs to the Office of Future Students. Please refer to how to apply for credit for more information

Key dates

Bond University calendar

How to apply

In order to apply for study at Bond University, you will need to complete the online application form. To find out more about the application process please refer to how to apply.

Future outcomes

The Bachelor of Business is a broad-based qualification accepted nationally and internationally by leading employers in a wide range of corporate disciplines. Graduates often attain roles in advertising, human resources, information technology, marketing, public relations and research.

The Bachelor of Social Science will provide you with a basis for working in areas such as welfare, government departments, disability services or as disability officers or caseworkers, client support and advocacy as well as working with behavioural difficulties of children in educational settings.

  • Those students who choose a Behaviour Management focus will learn the framework and procedures for implementing functional analytical therapy with clients who have severe behavioural difficulties.
  • Students who choose a Criminology focus will gain the ability to understand a-typical behaviour patterns.
  • Those students who combine their studies with Psychology will be provided with the basis for understanding the presenting problems with clients in order to develop effective needs-based treatment programs.
  • Students who choose a Counselling focus will gain the ability to assess, diagnose and understand human behaviour as well as be able to apply ethical, legal and professional issues in counselling.

What our academics say

“Students who want to combine knowledge in the functional areas of business with skills in a specialised area of social sciences would be interested in this dual degree. Following a multidisciplinary foundation, students select a major in Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, Marketing Communication, International Business or Tourism Management; they also have the opportunity to specialise in Behaviour Management, Criminology, Counselling or Psychology. This unique combination equips students to take on challenging roles in business organisations in a wide range of areas with special abilities to understand consumers, employees, business partners and to manage social interactions”.

Rafi Chowdury Associate Professor of Marketing

Start your business now with your Bond Business degree

Entrepreneur and Bond alumnus Alex Welman launched his own business, XOXO Smiles, as part of his Bond Business degree.


Program variations

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