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Academic development & support

Academic development

Academic Support

The Office of Learning and Teaching has support available such as one-on-one teaching training, classroom teaching observation and evaluation, specialised workshops and individual mentoring. Supports provided cover the areas of:

  • academic subject evaluation
  • assessment design
  • curriculum planning
  • classroom teaching observation
  • eTEVAL review
  • teaching coaching
  • teaching portfolio development

Faculty support

The Office of Learning and Teaching also has a range of faculty supports available. These supports include;

  • customised Faculty workshops
  • Faculty level eTEVAL advice
  • program accreditation support
  • staff introductory teaching sessions

Further information

Dr Sarah Long - Director, Learning and Teaching

Sarah supports academic development and professional growth in teaching and learning at the university. She has an impressive background in education, educational course evaluation, research into pedagogy and practice in teaching, and student engagement in learning. Her credentials include lecturing in the Master of Educational Practice course here at Bond University and coordination of Beginner Teacher Practicum programs for various universities. Sarah has teaching experience in English and History and has held a number of educational leadership positions, as well as coordinating educational audits and reviews on behalf of stakeholders including government and private education providers.

Sarah has also been recognised with numerous teaching awards including a national teaching excellence award for her ‘engaging and innovative practice’ by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, a National Teacher Leader Award from ACEL and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators. She has worked as a professional development advisor for Teacher Training Australia and has most recently worked as a senior associate for a global education consultancy group with projects in North America, Europe and several developing countries.

She holds a MEd degree in Instructional Practice and post-graduate credentials in teaching students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB). Sarah also holds a PhD in critical discourse analysis of student accounts of success and failure in learning.

Sarah is available for support with curriculum review, course and assessment design (and re-design), academic professional development, high level teaching award & grant application assistance, and educational development and mentoring.

Chelsea helps to lead and enhance the Academic Development portfolio and support key learning and teaching programs and practices at the university. She coordinates strategic educational projects and initiatives, provides high level research, data analysis, instructional design advice and reporting outputs to support continuous improvement. Chelsea leads the Teaching Community of Practice and Academic Mentoring initiatives at Bond University and has a special focus on supporting academic staff with scholarship and awards advice.  

Chelsea has worked as an academic in the higher education sector for more than a decade, in teaching and research roles across several public and private institutions. She has worked on two Australian Research Council grant-funded international projects as a Research Assistant and produced formal reports for industry and government-funded research projects. Chelsea is currently involved in research projects related to work-integrated learning models; transitioning large courses to a blended design; and peer mentoring programs amongst first-year international students. She remains an active and passionate undergraduate and postgraduate educator - whether in face-to-face and blended mode; large and small class sizes; via intensive or full-semester delivery. Chelsea understands first-hand the current challenges facing academics and enjoys providing support to enhance the student learning experience at Bond University. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Chelsea is available to provide support and advice for national teaching awards, strategic educational initiatives, scholarship of learning and teaching, and academic mentoring. 

In her capacity as the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Coordinator at Bond University, Anne is responsible for the provision of advice and support to staff for the expressed purpose of improving student learning outcomes through assisting in the growth and development of academics pedagogical practice, curriculum delivery and assessment strategies.

As a highly experienced educator with over 25 years’ experience, Anne has taught across all educational sectors in Queensland.  She prides herself on her commitment to student engagement and the achievement of quality learning outcomes through the development and implementation of best teaching practices in both online and traditional instructional settings. 

In the higher education sector, Anne has worked extensively in curriculum development, alignment and review for the purposes of accreditation and in response to internal and external review processes. In addition, Anne has remained an active educator, working in a teaching capacity across a broad range of subjects both at the undergraduate and post-graduate level in teacher education and adult and specialist education.  Anne holds multiple degrees, including a Master of Education in which she specialised in online learning and pedagogical practices. 

Anne has a personal and professional interest in harnessing the potential of emerging technologies to enhance student learning.  Her current research interests include the impact of online and blended learning on traditional teaching practices, its ramifications for the development of best practices and its implications for quality teaching and learning, and maximising online learning management systems as effective pedagogical tools.

Anne is available to provide support with academic professional development and coaching, curriculum review and evaluation, customised teaching and pedagogical workshops, online instructional design advice, and general learning and teaching supports.