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Abedian School of Architecture 2024 | Design Charrette

The annual Architecture Design Charrette is an Abedian School of Architecture calendar highlight. This event involves first-year students joining a team with second-year and master’s students to work on a design-orientated task under the guidance of a guest architect. With the help of industry experts and academics, they work to tackle a real-life architecture design task. Through this event, architecture students are given the opportunity to dive into their craft, meet new people, and hear from internationally acclaimed designers in the field of architecture at the ASA Lecture at the close of the charrette. This year's speaker is renowned architect Tristan Schultz, Founder and Director at Relative Creative.

Design Charrette | 2024 Event Schedule 

Design Charrette Day 1 | Tuesday 14th May

12:00pmAll School Welcome + Introduction
12:45pmDesign Charrette Commences with a 30-Minute Briefing Session  
1:15pmDesign Fiction + Mapping Activities Gather in Groups with the Academic Lead
5:30pmDay 1 Concludes

Design Charrette Day 2 | Wednesday 15th May

09:00amCulture of Material: 30-Minute Briefing Session
09:45amMaking Activities
12:45pmMaking Activities
2:30pmDesign Review Starts
5:00pmCharrette Group Wrap-Up
5:30pmCharrette Concludes
6:00pmDrinks Service for Public Lecture
6:30pmAcknowledgement of Country + Introduction
6:35pmPublic Lecture by Tristan Schultz
8:00pmDay 2 Concludes 

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