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Student clubs

Clubs and Societies

Student clubs are an integral and exciting part of the student experience while studying at Bond.  Whether it be joining a club as a member or executive, attending one of the many club events held on campus or even forming a new club of your own interest.                              

The variety of student clubs on campus span many categories which are summarised as social, cultural, sports, community, religious, arts and educational. See our full list of clubs active in the current calendar year.             


Bond University Student Association (BUSA)

Bond proudly boasts a modern, forward thinking student association which is professionally governed by an all-student based executive management committee, elected by the student body at the beginning of semester three each year. 

BUSA is the overarching authority to all Bond student clubs and has two Directors who are specifically tasked to look after the interests of Student Clubs on campus.

Their office is located above the Lakeside eatery, overlooking the lake on the student verandah. All students can utilise this beautiful area and take advantage of the lovely view and sunshine.

Office locationBUSA contact details

Faculty Student Associations (FSA)

Each school and faculty has a designated student association specifically focused on the interests of students studying in their specific fields. These associations are commonly called 'FSA's' and liaise closely with the University to bring students the best support and access to social and educational events. They also provide a network of like-minded peers who are able to encourage and support students on the journey through their studies. There are many other subsidiary clubs which disseminate fields of study further to specific subjects or fields of study interest. A full list of all clubs on campus can be found here, or view the major faculty association links below.