Graduate attributes

Bond University graduate attributes

As Australia’s first private university, Bond University seeks to be recognised internationally as a leading independent university, imbued with a spirit to innovate, a commitment to influence and a dedication to inspire tomorrow’s professionals who share a personalised and transformational student experience. As such, one of our key actions is to develop strategies to deliver superior graduate outcomes with a focus on globally relevant careers.

Bond University strives to optimise graduate employability which means that higher education alumni have developed the capacity to obtain and/or create work. Furthermore, graduate employability means that institutions and employers have supported the student knowledge, skills, attributes, reflective distribution and identity that graduates need to succeed in the workforce.

Across the university, staff at all levels work collaboratively on three key enabling plans to optimise graduate employability.

Graduate attributes

The university introduces, develops and assures four graduate attributes, which are carefully aligned with learning outcomes and activities at undergraduate and postgraduate subject, program and co-curricular levels. The graduate attributes are:

  • Knowledge and critical thinking – graduates have acquired a sound knowledge of their discipline and the ability to critically evaluate, manage, reflect on, integrate and apply it.
  • Leadership, initiative and teamwork – graduates have the skills to contribute to their discipline or profession as an effective leader and as a member of collaborative, cooperative and successful teams.
  • Communication skills – graduates have the skills to communicate effectively with their profession, their peers and the wider community.
  • Responsibility – graduates are aware of the standards, ethics and values of their discipline, in both the local and global context.

Core subjects

In addition to richly embedding core curriculum within each of our undergraduate programs to instil skills needed by all students, regardless of discipline, Bond University requires all undergraduate students to complete three subjects and Beyond Bond. The three subjects are:

  • Critical Thinking and Communication
  • Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • Ethical Thought and Action

Beyond Bond

Beyond Bond is a practical, activity-based program that extends across the duration of all undergraduate degrees. Administered by the Career Development Centre (CDC) as a mandatory degree requirement, it ensures that all Bond students engage in various extra- and co-curricular activities that complement their academic studies. Each approved activity, and accompanying written reflection, is given a points value and students must accrue a minimum of 100 points.