Foundations of University Learning & Teaching


Professional development

The Bond Office of Learning and Teaching aims to provide two courses for staff each semester.

  • Introduction to Teaching at Bond – a one day workshop of practical learning and teaching basics
  • Foundations of University Learning and Teaching – a 10 week course of pedagogical, practice and research basics

By participating in these you will:

  • Develop your teaching skills and explore the theory of how your students learn, through a balance of process and content.
  • Actively experience how your disciplinary expertise and teaching skill work in partnership to deliver quality teaching and learning.
  • Embark on a path of academic teaching with a skill set and the confidence that you can translate your industry/professional knowledge into useful attributes for graduates.

Our goals are to:

  • Introduce and/or develop core teaching and learning pedagogy and practice
  • Enhance the knowledge, skills and attributes required to teach and support student learning
  • Induct you into the process and outcomes of Learning and Teaching research

Foundations of University Learning & Teaching subject overview

The total time commitment for this subject is around 100 hours, approximately broken-down into 10 hours/week for 10 weeks.

32 hours will be spent in the classroom. Twelve hours are dedicated to peer-observation of teaching. Sixty hours will be spent reading, reflecting and interacting with online materials and in preparing assessment activities.

The Foundations of Learning and Teaching includes both technology enhanced classroom-based educational experience, and peer-review of teaching. Assessment will consist of weekly tasks, in-class ‘teach your peers’ activities, a reflective report on peer review of teaching, and a minor research publication on a teaching and learning research question.

FULT consists of two parts:

  1. An initial one day workshop, which can stand-alone as certified continuous professional development (usually delivered in Orientation week).
  2. Ten weekly sessions during the semester.

If you attend both the workshop and the weekly sessions, then this subject is the equivalent of one full subject toward a Graduate Certificate in Education, should you wish to pursue this credential. Please note that this course is not available at Bond at this time.

If you are interested in joining FULT, please contact your ADLT or equivalent to indicate your interest. The Bond Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) will be in touch with all referred staff.

Learning outcomes

Through active participation in all FULT components, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what matters to you about teaching.
  • Write appropriate learning outcomes
  • Apply Adult Learning principles
  • Embed Bond University Graduate Attributes into your teaching
  • Present information confidently and effectively
  • Enhance teaching communication skills
  • Engage your students in discussion and active learning.
  • Design assessment that aligns with learning outcomes.
  • Ensure that learning is integrated in the assessment process.
  • Grade assessment objectively and rigorously.
  • Provide meaningful, constructive feedback to your learners.
  • Internationalise your curriculum and teaching approach.
  • Incorporate a global perspective into your curriculum.
  • Apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning.
  • Encourage higher order thinking skills.
  • Develop positive learning environments and responsive teaching approaches
  • Reflect upon feedback from colleagues and students to improve teaching practice.
  • Develop a Teaching Portfolio as evidence of pedagogy and practice.
  • Respond/embed Bond University Teaching Quality Standards Policy into teaching.
  • Incorporate blended learning into your curriculum
  • Use relevant technology and tools in your teaching to enhance student learning.