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Graduate Diploma in Project Management

What can you do with your degree?

Today, project management skills and abilities are in high demand in both private and public sectors. Pre-pandemic, project management jobs were abundant and well-paid. Post-pandemic, jobs are forecast to grow even more across all industry sectors and regions. The result is a global shortage of project managers at all levels in every field such as construction, information technology, finance, health care and related industries, property development and government. 

Bond’s Graduate Diploma in Project Management provides graduates with the theoretical foundation necessary to take advantage of the exciting opportunities available in this fast-growing profession, both in Australia and overseas. Project management can be incorporated across a wide variety of fields.



Integral to any business or organisation, is the ability to be heard in a noisy and crowded marketplace. Marketing project managers collaborate and work closely with marketing strategists to develop project timelines as well as manage content and design producers to bring campaign objectives to life.


Construction project management is imperative in every construction project to ensure a smooth and successful project build. A construction project manager is responsible for the coordination, planning, budgeting, supervision, and liaising of a construction project.

Software Development

Software development teams assist with getting products to market fast, and assist with the planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution, and delivery of new software's and/or web projects.


Healthcare project managers have the sole responsibility of improving the overall functioning of a healthcare-related organisation or business.  With the healthcare industry continuously evolving, the pressure is increasing for organisations to improve their operations and quality of patient care while reducing spending and increasing efficiency.

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Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes provide a broad and measurable set of standards that incorporate a range of knowledge, skills and abilities that will be achieved on completion of the program. These outcomes will help you determine whether this program aligns with your professional pathway, career and learning goals.

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