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Doctor of Physiotherapy prerequisites

To be eligible to progress to an interview for the Doctor of Physiotherapy, applicants must provide evidence of meeting the following tertiary subject prerequisites:

  • Two (2) semesters of human anatomy¬†or equivalent
  • Two (2) semesters of human physiology¬†or equivalent
  • One (1) semester of biomechanics¬†or equivalent
  • One (1) semester of research design / statistics¬†or equivalent
  • One (1) semester of physiology of exercise¬†or equivalent

The following programs from Bond University meet the requirements for entry to the Doctor of Physiotherapy:

Undergraduate ProgramPostgraduate Program Required Subject
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports ScienceDoctor of PhysiotherapyCompletion of program
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports PerformanceDoctor of PhysiotherapyCompletion of program 
Bachelor of Biomedical ScienceDoctor of PhysiotherapyCompletion of program including required electives SPEX11-304 Biomechanics of Exercise and Sport and SPEX12-312 Physiology and Biochemistry of Exercise and Sport

For study undertaken at other institutions, please refer to the information provided on this page. If your subject/s are listed on this page, then you will not need to supply subject outlines with your application.

Please note:These lists were compiled from historical subjects that have previously been accepted, these are indicators and examples of previously accepted subjects. If your subject/s are not listed on this page, please refer to the appropriate Bond University subject (above) to use as an example of the required content and learning outcomes. Then submit your subject outline/s in the supporting documents section of your application which will then be assessed.

Australian universities

Canadian universities