With the advent of internet and social media, the amount of data available to corporations is expanding rapidly. They need trained professionals to analyse this data and provide business insights. Bond University is unique in its offering of Actuarial Science, for being the only Australian University to provide the opportunity to combine the Actuarial degree with Big Data training in our Macquarie Trading Room with Bloomberg data terminals. The Bond Actuarial graduates are thus very well placed in the job market and the skills are highly transferable between countries. Students undertaking the Bachelor of Actuarial Science (Honours) component have the opportunity to complete all the Part II subjects and receive a qualification with the Actuaries Institute and designation Actuary. It is a requirement to complete Honours (Part II) if you wish to become a Fellow. 
Bond is the only university in Queensland to offer the fully accredited program by the Actuaries Institute.


About the program

The Bachelor of Actuarial Science (Honours) is an innovative and immersive program that combines elements of economics, finance, statistics, data analytics and advanced mathematics to develop techniques for the management of risk and business decision making. An integral part of the Honours degree is the development of research skills and actuarial judgement through the Actuarial Control Cycle subjects and the Actuarial Research Thesis subject. The program develops skills in the challenge of crunching the ‘big data’ numbers to create practical solutions for real world problems.

High graduate starting salaries and full employment rates reflect the growing demand for qualified analysts, with career opportunities predicted to increase substantially over the next five years. The Bachelor of Actuarial Science (Honours) will prepare students for rewarding careers in a range of disciplines, including:

  • Climatology
  • Consulting
  • Data Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Infrastructure
  • Research
  • Risk Management
  • Safety
  • Science
  • Statistics
  • Superannuation
  • Technology

Bachelor of Actuarial Science (Honours) students must complete the following four (4) Honours subjects:

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Plus one (1) approved elective subjects.


Academic requirements

Students who have successfully completed at least 120 CP in the Bachelor of Actuarial Science or equivalent with a Grade Point Average of at least 2/4 (credit average or better) may then apply for the honours program. 

Bond Actuarial Science students admitted into the honours program are eligible to apply for a competitive annual scholarship (up to 50% tuition Fee-waiver) which requires a minimum applicant GPA of 2.5 (on 4-point scale) to be considered.

English language proficiency requirements

As tuition is delivered in English, all students will be required to provide documented evidence of the required level of proficiency in the English language. Read more detailed information on English Language Proficiency Requirements for university study.

Credit for prior study

Subject credits may be awarded for previous studies. To apply for credits, you will need to submit academic transcripts including detailed subject outlines/course descriptions for each relevant subject and/or certified copies of testamurs to the Office of Future Students. Please refer to how to apply for credit for more information

Key dates

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How to apply

In order to apply for study at Bond University, you will need to complete the Online Application Form. To find out more about the application process please refer to How to Apply.

Program variations

Actuarial Science

Our programs in Actuarial Science offer a unique focus on financial risk and big data analytics. Ranked among the best and fastest growing careers in the world, the actuarial sector is expecting significant growth over the next five years.

Macquarie Trading Room

Offering a real world trading experience, the Macquarie Trading Room is the leading facility of its type in Australia.

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