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ASBA School Governance Program

A series of flexible microcredentials to enhance your capabilities in the boardroom

Bond University's Faculty of Law and the Centre for Enterprise Governance, in partnership with the Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA), have designed the ASBA School Governance Program for ASBA members, School Board/Council members and School Leadership Teams.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of good governance, from legal to financial, risk and social responsibility. We recommend taking all seven courses in sequence to maximise the pedagogical and learning impact. Or tailor your professional development by choosing the courses most critical to your role.

All courses are available online at any time via our high-quality learner platform. The self-paced delivery gives you the flexibility to work around your other commitments. Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a digital Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your new competencies. If you complete all seven courses, you will receive a School Governance Program Certificate to recognise completion of the full program.


"ASBA’s vision is always to provide the highest possible quality professional development and networking opportunities for our members. We pursued an alliance with Bond University to create a bespoke governance offering, based on their Master of Laws in Enterprise Governance, tailored to our members. With the increasing complexity of school council/board structures and ever-changing regulations and legislation, the ASBA School Governance Program developed with Bond will be a great addition to an ASBA member’s professional learning."

Philippa (Pip) Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, ASBA

Program Information


ASBA: Foundations of Law and Ethics

Course 1 - This course will equip you with an understanding of the governance frameworks required to operate in the complex environment of modern school operations, including the importance of governance within the school sector.

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ASBA: The Role and Function of the Board

Course 2 - This course outlines the role and functions of the enterprise board and the pressures faced by the modern board, including schools. It looks at the different types of directors that make up the board of an enterprise, their obligations and duties and the role and relationship of committees. 

This course is NESA approved.

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ASBA: Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers

Course 3 - This course explores the duties and obligations placed on directors and officers of enterprises by the law, in seeking to ascertain that they are acting legally and ethically in their conduct. 

This course is NESA approved.

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ASBA: The Board and Strategy

Course 4 - This course considers why boards, including school boards and leadership teams, have responsibility for strategic direction; how a strategic framework differs from specific strategies; and how boards work with management to satisfy their obligation to shareholders and stakeholders.

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ASBA: Risk Management

Course 5 - This course introduces the concept of risk and Enterprise Risk Management. We delve into the psychology of risk, examining human factors in risk-taking and decision making and develop the concept of an enterprise risk framework and international standards of risk via ISO31000 and the COSO framework. 

This course is NESA approved.

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ASBA: Financial Governance

Course 6 - In this course you will explore key accounting standards as the basis for preparing financial statements and cover topics such as the application of accounting standards, statements of financial position, statements of profit and loss, cash flow statements and auditor engagement and annual reports. 

This course is NESA approved.

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ASBA: CSR and Boards

Course 7 - This course considers Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and the notion of social responsibility, including how it is defined and its different aspects. Through completion you will gain a comprehensive understanding of social responsibility and how it is demonstrated by enterprises

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who should take these courses?

These bespoke courses are designed for ASBA members, members of school boards and school leadership teams looking for an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of directors, the function of the school board, strategy, risk management and the law as it applies to school and the community.

Assumed Knowledge

It is recommended that course participants have some familiarity with governance issues in schools.


A message from ASBA's Chief Executive Officer

Hear from Pip Thomas on the partnership between ASBA and Bond University's Faculty of Law. Watch now


As a leader, we appreciate that you value continuous professional development for all staff and board members. We recognise the importance of convenient, relevant and timely learning opportunities.

The ASBA School Governance Program will benefit you and your team in the following ways:

  • Empower and engage staff and board members with key knowledge and strategies to apply to their role on your school board and school leadership team.
  • Enable your staff and board members to reflect upon their board member practices whilst exploring theory, best practice examples and real-life scenarios.

    Approved NESA Training Provider

    Bond University is an approved NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) training provider.

    Download our NESA-approved course list below and visit the NESA website to learn more.

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