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Bond Social

Stay connected with the Bond community

Bond University is a busy place, and we’re proud of every achievement, from the little wins through to those big, life-altering events that are worth sharing with the world! Plus, there’s also those enviable sunsets, sunny days spent under the Arch, sporting matches played and won… if you ask us, everything’s worth celebrating and sharing with our community. 

So, let’s get social. Here are a few ways you can connect with us, share your stories, and keep in the know with what’s on at Bond.

Ways to engage with us

Engage via social media

Stay up to date with all of the exciting events, success stories and campus goings-on by connecting with us on social media. Don’t forget to share your musings on life at Bond or snaps of campus using the hashtag #BondUniversity.

Read and share our stories

Every day someone within our community does something exceptional, and it’s our mission to document it all. From unique insights into the student experience, to awards won, research conducted, and events successfully completed, our Bond Blog and stories from the Bond Newsroom are where we tell each of these unique stories.


Chat with a real student

Ask any questions you might have about life and study at Bond by connecting with one of our current students. They’ll be able to give you insight into what it’s really like to be a Bondy, and share their experiences learning on campus, getting involved with extracurriculars, doing work experience and much more.


What's on at Bond?

Discover some of the latest stories from our close-knit Bond community.

Latest articles

  • ESG: The pivotal business practice you should be implementing right now

    Hear from the two Bondies behind Natural Capital Co. – and Bond's all-new ESG microcredentials – about the importance of integrating ESG frameworks into your business.

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  • 5 reasons why accepting an early offer at Bond was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

    Current student Claire Hill explains why accepting a guaranteed early offer to study at Bond was beneficial to her transition from high school to university.

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  • How Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom unlocks the potential of open world gaming

    Associate Professor of Computer Games James Birt on the impact of the new Nintendo game that sold 10 million copies in 10 days.

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  • Athletes who hydrate dominate

    Maximising your running potential might be as simple as drinking more water during training.

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  • James's can-do spirit kept Heinz on the shelves

    Bond University’s 2023 Young Alumni Award winner James Rosengren stayed afloat amid crippling floods.

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  • Yas goes from designer label to delivery angel

    The former Dolce & Gabbana executive is Founder and President of Serving Our People, and the recipient of Bond University's 2023 Community Achievement Award.

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