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STAT11-112: Quantitative Methods


Designed to foster the development of foundational mathematical and statistical skills necessary for subsequent quantitative subjects in the Bond Business School. This includes applications of calculus, probability, discrete and continuous random variables, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, and application of the central limit theorem to large sample inference and data analytics. The use of popular statistical computing packages are integral to providing an applied approach to these topics.

Subject details

FacultyBond Business School
Semesters offered
  • September 2022 [Standard Offering]
  • January 2023 [Standard Offering]
  • May 2023 [Standard Offering]
  • September 2023 [Standard Offering]
Study areas
  • Actuarial Science
  • Business and Commerce
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2022: $5,260
  • Commencing in 2023: $5,400

Learning outcomes

1. Recognise different types of data and produce appropriate graphical and numerical descriptive statistics. 2. Apply probability rules and concepts relating to discrete and continuous random variables to answer questions within a business context. 3. Apply the concept of expectation and variance for discrete distributions such as Binomial and Poisson, and continuous distributions such as Uniform, Exponential and Normal to answer questions within a business context. 4. Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) and its uses and applications. 5. Conduct and interpret a variety of hypothesis tests to aid decision making in a business context. 6. Use a statistical package frequently used by practitioners to analyse the data using techniques from SLOs 1-5.

Enrolment requirements

Requisites: ?


Restrictions: ?

Anti-requisites: ?

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Standard Offering
Enrolment opens14/11/2021
Semester start17/01/2022
Subject start17/01/2022
Cancellation 1?31/01/2022
Cancellation 2?07/02/2022
Last enrolment30/01/2022
Withdraw – Financial?12/02/2022
Withdraw – Academic?05/03/2022
Teaching census?11/02/2022
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens20/03/2022
Semester start16/05/2022
Subject start16/05/2022
Cancellation 1?30/05/2022
Cancellation 2?06/06/2022
Last enrolment29/05/2022
Withdraw – Financial?11/06/2022
Withdraw – Academic?02/07/2022
Teaching census?10/06/2022
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens17/07/2022
Semester start12/09/2022
Subject start12/09/2022
Cancellation 1?26/09/2022
Cancellation 2?03/10/2022
Last enrolment25/09/2022
Withdraw – Financial?08/10/2022
Withdraw – Academic?29/10/2022
Teaching census?07/10/2022