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Seventeen. Marketing Major. Fashion Student.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time overseas experiencing different cultures and unique trends in fashion.

As a 18-year-old Business and Fashion student I developed a fabulous taste in fashion, that my bank account couldn't exactly handle, but as a result, I've been forced to get creative and work with what I've got!

I now aspire to have my own global empire one day - with different labels under my company that give voice to the distinctive styles from around the world.

When I'm not in class I enjoy the Hub's Chicken Parmigiana, Jenga, or a game of Pool every Monday at the CBD with my fellow Bondies. When I'm not there, it'll be because we're either playing Basketball or having a Mexican Fiesta as a group off campus.

I'm currently on a semester exchange at Clemson University in South Carolina, USA - and loving it! Check out some of my trip photos so far and read about my exchange experience!

I also blog in my spare time for a bit of fun! To check out my blog trot over to Hunter & Knight.

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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Do it. Go on exchange. Nothing could ever prepare me for what I have experienced. Being here is out of this world, and it still feels so surreal. You only have on chance to experience the college lifestyle, and travelling like this is different to any other experience. I never want to leave and am already getting nostalgic over the memories I’ve made. Read about my exchange experience.