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Canadian traveller. Self-confessed beach bum.

Tyler Smith

I was finishing my undergrad at the University of Waterloo when I first heard about Bond. I had just walked from my lecture to the student centre where there was a Bond Uni representative talking about surfing between his lectures and I thought back to the two feet of snow I had just trodden through. It was an easy sell.

I had always planned on going to law school but was playing football at the time and was on my way to the CFL.

After two years and a couple of injuries, I had a desire to travel but still wanted to go to law school. Bond allowed me to do both.

I was 28 when I began my studies here in Australia and after two years I have no plans to leave. While school naturally has its stresses, life on the Gold Coast is fun and relaxed with no shortage of culture. I’ve had the time of my life studying and travelling on my breaks. I made a great choice coming to Bond.

When I am not in lectures I love to unwind at the beach. I'm a beach bum. I've also just started surfing! I finally bought a board and a wetsuit! Love Burleigh (I live there) and Broadbeach. I often take my books and read on the beach or at cafés. I love sports so at Bond my fellow Canadians and I play basketball every Friday afternoon. I use my semester breaks to travel. I’ve been to Korea, Shanghai, the Whitsundays and I'm about to go to Thailand.