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My Story

Empower To Overcome

All through my life to date, I have faced personal challenges that I’ve had to deal with in order to move forward. This is my story on overcoming obstacles through empowering myself.

Hi I’m Isabelle! I’m a Bondy studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in journalism and public relations – and LOVING it.

Few people know, but I grew up on over 300 acres riding motorbikes, building billy carts and making friends with wildlife with my three brothers. I'm a lover of live music, sport, the outdoors, animals, books, Spain, awkward moments and a little danger!

Before I started my Bond journey, I wasn't sure if university was for me after a few long years of hard life lessons. Now, I can't imagine not having taken this path and I'm so thankful to have made the lifelong friends I have, my incredible lecturers and all I've learned about both my dream career and myself.

I'd love to be a sports journalist (I think Erin Molan has the ultimate job) or a media manager for one of my favourite sport teams. Sport is one of few amazing fields with the ability to bring so many diverse people together, it's so exciting to be cheering on your favourite team and I love the traditions (some that come with cultures, some that come from home towns, some it's hard to tell) surrounding different sports...

One of my favourite quotes of all time is: “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it - the time will pass anyway."

In other words... always persist and persevere! Nowadays, there is no-one who believes in the power of the mind more than I do (I am definitely one of those annoying eternal optimists - not even ashamed to admit it).

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