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Scholarship application tips

Our top eight tips

Completing your scholarship application doesn’t need to be a daunting or difficult process. We’ve put together eight top tips to help make your application really stand out. Consider these tips below before you get started.

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1. Consider

We recommend taking some time to really consider what scholarships are available, and what you are most suited to. Read the eligibility criteria for each scholarship carefully and focus only on the scholarships you are eligible for. Make a note of the scholarships that interest you, keeping in mind you will have the opportunity to apply for more than one.

2. Discuss

Discussing your decision to apply for a scholarship with someone, is a really positive step. Whether it be your career advisor, teacher, agent, or parent / family member, having their support throughout the process will make it much easier.

3. Start early

You can start your scholarship application as soon as you have submitted your program application, so our tip is to get started as soon as possible! You can sign in and out of the application form as many times as you like, so get started early, to save yourself rushing when the deadline approaches!

4. Support your application

Many scholarships will ask you to provide supporting documents such as evidence of achievements, essays, statements, videos, or portfolios. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how you meet the eligibility criteria, so make sure everything you provide is clear, concise, and relevant. If a template is provided, be sure to use it. Keep to word limits and read all instructions provided thoroughly!

5. Be unique

If you want your application to stand out, it needs to be different from the rest! Consider which of your achievements and skills are unique to you and make sure you highlight them in your application. If you are asked to write an essay, make your responses interesting and original, while still answering the question.

6. Check, check and check

If there was only one tip, this would be it! Proofreading your application for spelling and grammar errors is one of the most important final steps. Ask a friend or family member to check over it – it’s also a great way to make sure it is perfect before hitting that last submit button!

7. Meet deadlines

Don’t miss out, submit your application before the deadline date! We won’t accept any late scholarship applications, so be sure to set yourself a reminder a few days before the closing date.

8. Be proud

No matter the outcome of your scholarship application, be proud of yourself and all you have achieved. All Bond students are afforded unmatched opportunities regardless of whether they have received a scholarship, and we can’t wait for you to start!

"I recommend starting early and taking your time. Start as soon as you can and come back to it in increments so you’re not rushing at the end. Also, be sure to prepare your essay responses and statements in a Word document so you can check your spelling and word count before copying them into the application form."

Remember to be yourself… don’t be afraid to let your passion and personality shine through your application. Good luck!"

Rebecca Tannenbaum - Excellence Scholarship Recipient

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