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Ever wondered how you could land a role as a Chief Transformation Officer or Chief Digital Officer?

Did you even know those roles existed?

They might not be common workplace positions in 2019, but they will be in high demand in the future.

Bond University is responding to industry partner demand and research by developing a new degree in 2020 that will fill the digital void in an organisation.

That degree is called the Bachelor of Digital Transformation.

Integrating digital transformation into the workplace

Bond’s Faculty of Society and Design Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching Professor Jeffrey Brand explains digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of an organisation, government agency or economy in a way that fundamentally changes how it operates.

“The digital transformation of society is accelerating with more organisations investing resources in the cultural and technological tools of change,” Professor Brand says.

“However, Australia is falling behind in maintaining our standing in the global economy when it comes to digital readiness, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Report.

“We need to empower students, colleagues and citizens to become more digitally savvy and strategic in order to maintain our position on the world stage.”

Meet Professor Jeff Brand

Changing those "old-school" ways

Professor Brand says most Australian businesses are “old-school” and often don’t know when or how to start using new digital capabilities.

“We need people to lead that transformation,” he says.

“This includes being clear on existing problems, designing communications to win hearts and minds, explore technologies, select solutions and follow a timeline to make a difference.”

The revolutionary Bachelor of Digital Transformation addresses this need, providing students with knowledge and experiences that will help them lead cultural and technological change in and across organisations and explore the management and legal aspects of opportunities anticipated in the workforce for competitive advantage.

It’s typical for most people think about programming, software and hardware first when it comes to digital transformation.

But Professor Brand says those are just tools. Digital transformation (or DX) is about strategy, culture, and changing the way we work.

“It’s really more social than technological,” he says. “Think “life hacks” and you get a better idea of the essence of digital transformation.

“Using social media to communicate to customers, cloud storage to improve document exchange while travelling, and mobile phones to create an office in our pocket – then beating the pants off the competition, this is the stuff of digital transformation.”

High salaries on offer for graduates

Research shows and forecasts many new highly paid jobs on the horizon for digital transformation graduates.

On there are usually 500 jobs on any given day, just in Australia for professionals with digital transformation skills. With these jobs covering a range of professional interests from marketing, sales, and ecommerce, to cybersecurity, change management, and project management.

Professor Brand says these jobs are also spreads across small businesses, large enterprises as well as not-for-profits and local, state, and federal governments.

“Just four years ago, the Australian Commonwealth Government created the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to create digital skills and processes in government to improve services,” he says.

“If you’re looking for a rewarding career, look no further.”

A new twist on study

Among a suite of courses for the Bachelor of Digital Transformation is four new courses that focus on digital literacy, capacity and culture:

Students who graduate from a Bachelor of Digital Transformation will have to skills for the future of work such as the ability to assess an organisation for its digital readiness and guide it through an exciting, future-focussed transition.

Bachelor of Digital Transformation

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