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Why do international undergraduate students choose to study at Bond University?

As an international student making the big decision to continue your education overseas, you have the whole world at your feet – literally! Located on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Bond University has been a top choice for international students for decades. But, what sets us apart from the thousands of other universities around the globe? 

There are so many reasons students from all over the world choose to pursue their education at Bond. Put yourself in the shoes of a ‘Bondy’ – one of our current students – as we take you through the Bond experience.

Deciding where to study

Every student who has ultimately chosen to study at Bond has been right where you are, thinking over their various options and weighing up the pros and cons of each university on their list. Our International team speak to hundreds of new students every semester, following their journeys from beginning at Bond all the way through to graduation.

International students often tell us that our accelerated programs are what drove them to Bond. A bachelor’s degree at Bond can be completed in just two years, compared to three, four or even five at other universities. The possibility of starting your professional career earlier – perhaps in Australia, if you decide to stay on with a post-study work visa – is definitely an exciting one, plus it means you’ll save on a whole year of living expenses.

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Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science student Renan takes us behind the scenes of his Bond journey.

Settling in

From the first time you arrive at Bond, you’ll notice our warm campus culture and extensive facilities, including our Sports Centre, libraries, tech facilities like the FinTech Hub, and more. Your very first week is Orientation, where you’ll engage in introductory sessions and activities around the University. Many new students choose to sign up for clubs in their first few weeks of university, which is a great way to meet new people.

After O-Week, you’ll commence your subjects and settle into the routine of university life. Because our classes are much smaller than other universities, with 20 or 30 students compared to 300+ at most other universities worldwide, you’ll grow close to your lecturers and tutors (most of whom have an open-door policy) from the outset.  

Finding support

As you progress through the semester, you might find yourself needing a little support. We have a dedicated Academic Skills Centre with knowledgeable staff who can provide assistance with assignments, study plans, English, maths, and more. This is all part of our personalised approach to learning, something that many of our international students – especially those who’ve studied at other universities – highlight as unique to Bond.

If you’re career-driven, imagine having your very own career advisor. Well, that’s the reality for every student at Bond! The experts at our Career Development Centre offer tailored career services and can help you explore career options, connect you with companies of interest for internships or graduate jobs, and ensure you’re job-ready by refining your CV and interviewing skills. Employability is a huge part of what we do here at Bond, and our international students reap the rewards from our hands-on teaching style, Core Curriculum subjects designed to enhance ‘soft skills’ like leadership and communication, and Beyond Bond, our degree-wide extracurricular program.

Learn more: What is Beyond Bond, and how can I make the most of it?

Getting involved

There are so many ways to meet like-minded people and pursue your hobbies in a friendly forum. Many of the international students we speak to cite sport as one of their favourite parts of the Australian university experience. We offer a huge range of sports and have sporting clubs and teams that compete at a variety of levels, which means absolutely anyone can get involved.

We also encourage you to explore the Gold Coast as much as you can, and embed yourself in our local community. With our relaxed, beachside lifestyle that at the same time, offers a vibrant, culturally-rich environment, the Gold Coast is the place to be as a university student.

As the sixth-most populous city in Australia, we have a small-town feel but with all of the conveniences of a city. The cost of living here is notably lower than major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and you won’t have to travel far to experience city life, with Brisbane just an hour’s train ride or drive away. Speaking of Brisbane, it’s the host of the upcoming 2032 Olympic Games, a development which is bound to drive growth and expansion here in Queensland.  

Your Bond journey

That’s just a sneak peek of what you might experience should you choose to study at Bond, and what international students from far and wide have been experiencing for decades now. If you’re ready to embark on a Bond journey of your own, the first step is to apply.

Applying to Bond University is a simple, quick process that differs from most other universities worldwide. All you need to do is log onto our online portal and submit your documentation – just your transcripts and high school diploma – which can be done at any time during the year. We run on a three-semester-per-year timetable, with intakes in January, May and September, meaning it’s easy to tee up your starting semester to fit with your graduation date or estimated arrival date in Australia. You can also apply with predicted high school grades. Once your application has been submitted, we’ll get back to you in a few weeks with next steps.

The process of applying for a scholarship is also quite simple, so if you’ve obtained good grades during high school, we encourage you to apply! Our generous scholarship program includes a range of part-fee scholarships that cover up to 50 per cent of tuition fees for successful international applicants.

Want to know more about life and study at Bond? Reach out to one of our current students, contact your International Regional Manager, or take on the role of ‘secret agent’ and embark on an exciting mission that’ll immerse you in all things Bond.

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Your International Regional Manager is your go-to resource for learning more about Bond. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about studying here, including our exceptional, award-winning student experience.

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