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Sports scholarships | How to ace your application

From the Sports Centre, swimming pool and rugby fields to the Bond Elite Sport Program, sport is embedded in Bond University’s DNA. So it’s no surprise that there are a number of different sports scholarships available to eligible students.

Bondy Sarah White sat down with some of our sports scholarship assessors to hear about their top tips and helpful pointers when it comes to all things sports and scholarships! Here’s what she learned…

The lowdown on Bond’s sport scholarships.

Here at Bond, there are four different sports scholarships.

1. ADCO Sports Excellence Scholarship

The ADCO Sports Scholarship is for absolutely any sport, so odds are if you’re great at one sport specifically this one is for you. You don’t need to have reached any specific level to apply but make sure you take the time to assess if the sports scholarship is right for you or if there are other options such as an Excellence Scholarship.

2. John Eales Rugby Excellence Scholarship

As the name suggests the John Eales Rugby Scholarship is for all those enthusiastic rugby players out there. If rugby is your claim to fame, then this scholarship could be for you!

3. Georgina Hope Rinehart Swimming Excellence Scholarship

Do you dream of swimming for Australia? Or maybe you already have? The Georgina Hope Rinehart Scholarship is specifically for all of our avid swimmers who are keen to balance early morning swim training with their studies.

 4. Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarship

The Riewoldt Family AFL Scholarship was only introduced last year and aims to give budding footballers the opportunity to combine their footy aspirations with their study and career goals. If you feel at home out on the AFL field, then maybe this one has your name all over it.

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It’s all about the application.

The initial application involves a resume and personal statement. The personal statement is your time to shine, so be sure to be specific about your sporting achievements. Get your coaches and trainers to provide some personal statements as well and don’t forget about any medals or records you hold. All of these things together make a strong personal statement that reflect the scholarship you are applying for so take your time and check with friends or family to see if you have missed anything.

Just like in sport – training is everything.

The next stage of the application process is the interview. If you make it through to the interview process, firstly – congratulations! Secondly - be sure to come prepared. Try role playing some interview questions at home, do your research on Bond and the program you’re applying for and make sure you always pack a positive attitude on the day! The coaches and assessors will want to know what drives your passion for sport so make sure you really are passionate about your one sporting area and make that shine through.

It isn't all about sport.

Make sure you demonstrate a balance between sporting prowess and academic results. It’s all about finding a nice middle ground between the two. The scholarship team really want to see how you will thrive here at Bond, both in the classroom and on the field, or in the pool, or any sporting arena. really.

Our sporting scholars are kicking serious goals.

From representing Australia at both the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, or being selected as part of the Queensland Reds squad, our current Bond sporting scholars are achieving great things.  Applying for a scholarship is only just the beginning, successful or not there are so many different things you can do here on campus - and a brand new gym can’t hurt right?

Sports scholarship applications close on 6 September. Apply now. 

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