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When you’re exploring degrees and contemplating which program to pursue at university, it can be helpful to consider your goals and ambitions: what do you want your career to look like, and what type of work would you like to do?

For some people, that goal is to make the world a better place.

Bond’s new Bachelor of Policy, Philosophy and Economics is a program designed for those who want to make a meaningful contribution to society. It could be by working in international organisations to create a more just, peaceful and prosperous world, or working in the not-for-profit sector to address social problems, in government or for a political party.  

Is the Bachelor of Policy, Philosophy and Economics for me?

The Bachelor of Policy, Philosophy and Economics, also known as the PPE, prepares students for careers in public influence.

As Associate Dean (Research) and Policy, Philosophy and Economic Program Director, Professor Damian Cox explains, the program is for students with a passion for making a difference.

“The PPE is for people with ambitions to make the world a better place,” says Professor Cox.

“The purpose of policy is to improve lives; the value of a not-for-profit is to value-add.

“A student in the PPE program will be working across multiple areas. Flexibility and agility are important qualities, but the most important feature of the PPE student is their drive to make a real difference.”

What will I learn?

The degree is a multi-disciplinary program, combining subjects from the Faculty of Law, Bond Business School and the Faculty of Society & Design to give graduates a broad perspective on policy, philosophy and economic issues.

It is intentionally broad, says Professor Cox, ensuring students have a qualification that will allow them to adapt with a changing world and bring great value to a workplace.

“The PPE degree was created to offer students an opportunity for a general and flexible qualification of real-world value,” he says.

“Specialist study in philosophy, economics, law or politics is highly valuable, but study that brings together all these areas in the one degree adds something special; it develops a set of skills that can work together.  

“Working to develop policies for governments or starting up a new non-for-profit enterprise is something that requires broad knowledge rather than specialist technical knowledge.”

What can I do after graduation?

The degree has been designed to prepare students to stand out in a career in the public sector. This can include careers in public service, politics, public policy institute, advocacy groups and in the not-for-profit sector.

In a rapidly changing career landscape, graduates will find exciting opportunities in a range of roles, including some that may not exist yet.

“Work opportunities of the future have not yet been settled and the PPE degree was set up to be a qualification that won’t ever become redundant,” says Professor Cox.

Bachelor of Policy, Philosophy and Economics

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