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7 ways to workout at Bond: A guide for fitness novices and fanatics

Exercising allows me to sort through my thoughts and seek clarity about internal conflicts. One of these internal conflicts is deciding what I am going to do after completing my studies. While that is still up in the air, at least I know that alongside my degree, I will be graduating with an increased endurance, slightly more muscle, and a lower risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. From working out in the gym to competitive cheerleading, and beginner level self-defence classes — here are seven of my favourite ways to workout at Bond. 

 1. Get help from a Personal Trainer

Bond Sports Centre Gym equipment

Did you know that Bondies have access to a free personal training session every semester? Seeking help from a personal trainer will ensure that your workouts are effective in helping you reach your fitness goals, and that the techniques you are using are safe. Whether you are a gym novice or avid gym-goer, everyone can benefit from professional advice.

2. Attend a group exercise class

Group of athletes working out in the Bond Sports Centre.

Bond’s Sports Centre offers 5 different group exercise classes multiple times a day. Having attended a Tabata class myself, I can confidently say that you will not lose motivate in this environment. Make sure to arrive early to secure your spot because some classes are very popular.

4.  Join a sports team

Bond swimmers jumping into the swimming pool

I hadn’t done a cartwheel since I was 12 and had the flexibility of a metal pole when I joined Cheerleading two years ago. Thankfully, Bond’s competitive and recreational sports teams are ready to accept you with open arms. Now I know all the basics off Cheerleading and have made friends with people from every faculty. 

5. Take advantage of Bond’s sporting facilities

Bond University tennis courts.

Bond is home to a variety of sporting facilities. You can take your pick from basketball to beach volleyball courts, and even cricket practice nets. When the summer heat is too much for me to handle, I love to book a lane and swim some laps in one of two sprawling swimming pools on campus.

6. Dance the night away

Exercise can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to do or where to start. If you are in this boat, perhaps Thursday night Parties @ Don’s are more up your alley. I have made friends from all around the world at these events and find dancing a super fun way to get a whole-body workout. However, take it from me, don’t push it too hard if you have a 9 am class the following morning!

7. Join an academic club

A group of people sitting in the Faculty of Law building.

Exercise doesn’t strictly have to be psychical. Workout your mind by joining one of Bond many academic clubs. Bond’s Investment Group will help you keep up to date with the world of finance, inspire innovation, and teach you about entrepreneurship. The Bond University United Nations Student Association will help you exercise your debating skills and understanding of global politics. 

Get moving

There are so many ways to workout at Bond. These are just seven of them. Whether you are lifting weights at the gym, breaking a sweat on the tennis courts, or feeling the pressure in a debate, you are sure to find something that works for you. 

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