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5 reasons why accepting an early offer at Bond was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

Students walking into Bond Unviersity from the top roundabout entrance on a sunny day

Year 12 can be a scary time. Exams loom; the pressure of grades and university offers weighing heavy on your mind. 

I get it. Not long ago, I was in Year 12, stressing about what my future would look like after I put my pen down on my final exam. What are my grades going to be? Will I be accepted into my course? 

Fortunately, before I could fixate on those worries too much, I applied for a guaranteed early offer at Bond.


First things first: What is the guaranteed early offer scheme for Year 12 students?

The guaranteed early offer scheme allows Australian Year 12 students, like you, to secure a spot in an undergraduate degree before completing your final exams. This is done by comparing your current academic transcript to the minimum requirements of your desired course.

Sound simple, right? Well…it is! 

Not long after I after I applied, I got the good news that I was accepted into my first preference, a Bachelor of Communication (CRICOS 063062J). Reflecting on my experience, accepting an early offer from Bond was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here are 5 reasons why.


1. It gave me certainty about my future

Bond University Quadrangle and The Arch building with blue skies and some clouds

As a self-confessed control freak, the uncertainty about where I was going and what I what I would be doing after high school was my worst nightmare. When I received an early offer from Bond, I immediately felt comforted. This was the start of my future. I had somewhere to go, something to look forward to, and most importantly a community that believed I had what it took to study at their institution. The stress relief was better than any essential oil, bath salt, or massage I could have paid for!

2. I could prepare for life on the Coast

Growing up in Melbourne, I often travelled up to the Gold Coast on school holidays. Movie World, Surfers Paradise, and kebabs were always a must. Although I was excited about moving to the Gold Coast, I was still apprehensive because I had no friends or family here. 

However, accepting the early offer at Bond meant that I had plenty of time to prepare. I even made a list of things I’d like to do on the weekends with the friends I was going to make. Top activities included going to the Broadbeach market, playing mini golf, and having a night out at Dracula’s. 

I also found out that the bus lines 750 and 753 stops right outside Bond and could take me to either Pacific Fair Shopping Centre or Robina Town Centre. After learning that the public transport outside Bond could take me virtually anywhere, I felt so much more comfortable about moving because I knew it would be easy to get around.

Had I not applied for the early offer, I also wouldn’t have had time to research the area around Bond. For example, there is Market Square which houses numerous cafes and restaurants of all different cuisines. Varsity Central Park is the perfect location to kick the footy or have a picnic. And, nearby Lake Orr offers a walking path with stunning views – and a few bull shark sightings here and there.

3. I got to learn about campus life

Lake Orr and Bond University Arch at sunset.

Leaving home at 18 was equally exciting and nerve-wracking. Not only was I leaving my parents, but I was also leaving everything that was familiar to me. After accepting my early offer at Bond and completing my final exams, I deep dived into what life on campus looked like. My main areas of focus were accommodation, food options and the Sports Centre. In a way, I had already envisioned a new daily routine for my life at Bond before I arrived. Luckily for me, I think that helped to prevent homesickness.

4. I got to connect with other future Bondies

Four students socialising on a bench at Abedian school of Architecture.

One of the many good things about Bond is the sense of community they create for their students. On the Bond Facebook page, there is a group for each incoming semester of students. Joining this group was an amazing initial step in making friends at Bond. After joining, I felt significantly more confident about moving my life to the Gold Coast. The more time you to chat ahead of starting university, the stronger the connections you will make with your cohort. Some people even meet up in their hometowns before heading to Bond!

5. I had more time to celebrate!

There is no question that getting accepted into university is a big achievement - I was so ecstatic. I remember running down the hall to my parents’ room yelling “I got in! I got in!” Not long after, I went straight to the online Bond Merchandise store to order a jumper. For the next few months, all I could talk about was how excited I was about starting my new life as a Bondy. 

P.S. It is better than I ever could have imagined.


My advice to current Year 12 students

Applying for the guaranteed early offer scheme is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m sure it will be one of yours too. Having the extra time to know your surroundings will make all the difference for your transition from high school to university. So, go get your academic transcripts and apply! What have you got to lose?

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