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Asian Law and Society Association

The Asian Law and Society Association (ALSA) was established in 2015 with the aims of fostering scholarship and engaging the broader research community. It succeeds the East Asian Law and Society Collaborative Research Network (CRN 33) of the Law & Society Association as the regional body. Its executive office is housed at Waseda University, Japan. The newly established ALSA stands at an opportune moment to develop the Asian law and society field into a vibrant and cohesive discipline. Its annual meeting provides a timely platform to define the field, advance theory, and cultivate empirical work and new scholarship. Join ALSA.

Australian Network for Japanese Law

The Australian Network for Japanese Law (ANJeL) is a collaboration among the Australian National University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Sydney. ANJeL promotes research and teaching on Japanese law in Australia and supports research and study by Japanese scholars, legal professionals and students on the Australian legal system. ANJeL has over 500 members from all corners of the globe. To join ANJeL for free, contact [email protected].

Asia-Pacific Legal Institute of Australia

The Asia-Pacific Legal Institute of Australia (APLIA) was formed in 2016 to promote an Australian perspective on Asian law and society. ALSA 2018 is the third international conference APLIA has organised since its inception.