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MKTG71-104: Marketing Management


Among all the business disciplines, marketing has the dubious distinction of having the highest failure rates. A study by Copernicus Marketing Consulting painted a pretty grim picture of marketing performance:(1) 84% of 500 marketing programs resulted in declining brand equity and market share;(2) Most customer acquisition efforts fail to break even;(3) Fewer than ten percent of new product launches succeed;(4) Most sales promotions are not profitable; and (5) Advertising ROI is below four percent. This depressing picture of marketing performance does not imply that marketing tools and techniques are not grounded in solid theory nor does it imply impracticability of marketing knowledge. It does, however, sound a cautionary note about the complicated nature of marketing in today’s digital, 24/7 connected world with empowered consumers, burgeoning data, and shifting segments. The content of this subject is designed with the objective of being able to apply marketing tools and concepts to the present day environment. This can only be accomplished through a solid grasp of key concepts coupled with a gut level appreciation of the present day marketing environment. This is the essence of Marketing Management.

Subject details

Code: MKTG71-104
Study areas:
  • Architecture
  • Business, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship

Learning outcomes

  1. Display a solid understanding of key marketing concepts and apply them in a coherent and insightful manner.
  2. Effectively participate in teams, leading to tangible and assessable outputs.
  3. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in presenting assigned projects and written reports on these projects.

Enrolment requirements



Assumed knowledge:

Assumed knowledge is the minimum level of knowledge of a subject area that students are assumed to have acquired through previous study. It is the responsibility of students to ensure they meet the assumed knowledge expectations of the subject. Students who do not possess this prior knowledge are strongly recommended against enrolling and do so at their own risk. No concessions will be made for students’ lack of prior knowledge.

Restrictions: This subject is not available to
  • Study Abroad Students

Must be admitted into an MBA Affiliated Program.