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Research with impact

From health and medical exploration to real-world big data applications, Bond’s research portfolio reflects the University’s spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and independence.  

Our community of researchers represents a cross-section of accomplished professionals in their chosen field; attracted to Bond by the focused support and resources available to our research academics and students.

Working in partnership with fellow academics, practitioners and students, they are connected to a global research network, striving to know better so that we can do better. 

Research centres and institutes

Bond University is home to a range of research centres and institutes that are recognised for their findings across a number of disciplines, including evidence-based healthcare, data analytics, construction management, legal professional education, tactical response and biomedicine. Collectively, these disciplines contribute to Bond’s vibrant research culture and the University’s overall function as an institution for learning, discovery, scholarship and invention.

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Higher Degrees by Research (HDR)

Discover the Bond research experience, where you will be part of a talented cohort of HDR students. We offer master’s and PhD research degrees in an extensive range of discipline areas that will see you be mentored by a team of academic supervisors. We can also connect you to valuable industry contacts and offer one-on-one job search support through the Career Development Centre.

Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) - EXPLORE RESEARCH DEGREES

Research support

We are committed to growing our vibrant research culture here at Bond, and provide a high level of support at all stages of the research process. Find out how we can assist you with ethics for your research, seeking funding for your research, and recording your research.

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Research governance

Our research programs are governed by University Research Committee in accordance with the plans outlined in the University’s Research Strategic Plan. Sub-committees provide further guidance to ensure that our research projects are responsibly managed.

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Research news

Why a cashless society could be the reason for ‘debt traps’

As Australia edges ever closer to becoming a cashless society, the sad reality is that the people most affected by a tap-and-go culture are the ones least equipped to deal with the fallout. Dr Rajat Roy explains why cash is still king.

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Northern NSW emerges as hotspot for shark encounters

Scientists urge surfers to take protective measures after examining shark encounters since 1900.

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AI the new Abacus in world finance

ChatGPT and other large language models now help people in all walks of life write everything from business letters and emails to resumes and creative writing, songs and screenplays. Now AI is also proving a game-changer for the global financial industry.

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The secret to sticking to New Year resolutions

Up to 92% of New Year's resolutions fizzle out before the end of February. Assistant Professor in Habit Change, Gina Cleo, details the strategies to consider if you want to stick to your goals.

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