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Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee

The Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee (BUHREC) is committed to protecting the welfare and rights of human participants in research conducted by members of the Bond University community. In doing so, BUHREC promotes ethically, socially, scientifically and legally responsible research activity among all members of Bond University.

Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee (BUHREC)

NamePosition on Committee
Dr Mark BahrCommittee Chair
Dr Victoria BaumfieldAcademic - Law
Dr Gaelle BrottoAcademic - Criminology
A/P Franci CantatoreAcademic - Law
A/Prof  Rafi ChowdhuryAcademic - Business
Dr Oscar DavisAcademic- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Dr Annette GreenhowAcademic - Law
Prof Wayne HingAcademic - Physiotherapy
Mr Matt LevyCommunity Member  Layperson
Dr Hayley O'NeillCommunity Member - Biomedical
Rev'd Mary-Anne RulfsCommunity Member - Pastoral
A/Prof Victor SchinaziAcademic - Psychology
Mr Andrew StarkCommunity Member  Layperson
Ms Jenni TangCommunity Member  Layperson
Dr Natasha YatesCommunity General Practitioner 
Dr Susie YeoCommunity General Practitioner
Dr Lisa MarlowCommittee Secretary