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Master of Arts (TESOL) (online)

This program is only available to domestic students. Your preference is currently set to international.

What can you do with your degree?

Graduates can teach English to adult overseas students in the English Language Teaching (ELT or ELICOS) sector in Australia. Depending on prior qualifications, they can teach different courses at different institutions. For example, registered teachers can work as EAL/D (English as an Additional language or Dialect) specialists in Australian schools. Many registered teachers of other disciplines complete the program to assist them in teaching international students. Our graduates have been also employed in various roles which require intercultural and linguistic awareness, for example, diplomacy, international business or corporate and humanitarian multinational organisations. Globally, our graduates work in numerous capacities as ESL educators at all levels, teaching students of all ages, as educational consultants, and policy makers.


An ELICOS teacher

Graduates can teach in ELICOS language schools and other language centres in Australia. Depending on other qualifications, they can teach various courses. (We advise to check with employer requirements)

EAL/D teacher

Registered teachers of other subjects can become English as an Additional Language/Dialect teachers (EAL/D in the Australian schools after the completion of the program.

Teaching English overseas

Our students gain employment in private and government institutions, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, in educational institutions outside Australia.

Public or private sector

Our graduates also work in government and global organisations where intercultural awareness and a high level of linguistic and cultural sensitivity are essential employment requirements.

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes provide a broad and measurable set of standards that incorporate a range of knowledge, skills and abilities that will be achieved on completion of the program. These outcomes will help you determine whether this program aligns with your professional pathway, career and learning goals.

Take your skill to the next level

Extend your learning beyond the completion of your degree. Consider progressing on your journey to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge in other specialised areas through these learning opportunities.   

  • Microcredentials

    Our microcredential courses allow you to upskill in your chosen area without the commitment of a full degree. Ranging in length from a few hours to a few weeks, Bond's microcredentials are taught by academics who have their finger on the industry pulse.

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  • Fellows and mentors

    Here at Bond, we proudly partner with a number of University Fellows and offer a range of mentoring programs to our students. Discover how our students are given the chance to team up with successful professionals and learn invaluable life lessons.

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Program not available for international students

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