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Graduate Certificate in Criminology

What can you do with your degree?

Criminology is fast becoming a vital discipline.  A career in criminology explores the motives behind criminal behaviour and analyses the criminal justice system.

The Graduate Certificate in Criminology enables students with an existing knowledge or in an early career in criminology to develop research skills as they relate to various areas of criminological enquiry and communicate the results of any research findings to both technical and non-technical audiences. It will equip graduates with the critical thinking skills and strategic development required to expand their criminology careers.


Youth worker

Case management and support roles for young people in a range of fields, employed by government agencies or not-for-profit organisations. These positions can involve delivery of intervention programs, crisis relief, or work in accommodation and educational settings. Salaries can range to $70,000, with part- and full-time positions, and anticipated growth of 15.2% in five years (Seek, 2022).

Family violence worker

Provide support, case management or advocacy services in health, education, welfare sectors relating to domestic violence for government or not-for-profit organisations. Casual, part-time (permanent) and full-time positions.

Police officer

As sworn officer you are required to serve and protect the persons and property in the community. You can work in a variety of roles including general duties, investigations, traffic safety. Pay is around $78,000.

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes provide a broad and measurable set of standards that incorporate a range of knowledge, skills and abilities that will be achieved on completion of the program. These outcomes will help you determine whether this program aligns with your professional pathway, career and learning goals.

How you can further develop your skills

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