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Bachelor of Business Law

Where will your degree take you?

The Bachelor of Business Law is an ideal qualification for anyone interested in working in a commercial environment as it provides you with an understanding of both the law and business. 

Graduating with a business law degree provides you with an array of business skills which include critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, conflict resolution and advocacy which can be transferred into any non-legal role. You can work in professional in roles that could include business administration, office manager, human resources, business consultant and compliance officer.


Human resources

A critical function to any organisation, human resources is primarily focused on overseeing employment related functions as well as recruitment, policies, and other administrative functions within an organisation. Roles in this field include:

  • Human resource officer
  • Recruiter
  • Employment specialist
  • Employee relations manager

Compliance officer

Compliance officers assist companies in staying within their legal limitations, as well as ensure companies uphold their licensing requirements and stay up to date with policies and licensing. Both finance and healthcare are popular industries for this career however it can be applied to a range of sectors.

Policy officer

A policy officer provides analysis and advice on issues an organisation is concerned with, liaises with both internal and external networks of contacts, and develops policy relating to the rules and principles of the issues accordingly. Projected job growth of 4.9 per cent, with an average salary ranging between $85 to $120k according to Seek (2021).

Take your skill set to the next level

Extend your learning beyond the completion of your degree. Consider progressing on your journey to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge and expertise in law or business through these learning opportunities. 

A career in law

The Bachelor of Business Law does not meet the criteria for the professional practice of law. If you want to pursue a career in law and be admitted as a legal practitioner in Australia, you will need to complete a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor, followed by a Professional Legal Training (PLT) program such as Bond’s Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP).  

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes provide a broad and measurable set of standards that incorporate a range of knowledge, skills and abilities that will be achieved on completion of the program. These outcomes will help you determine whether this program aligns with your professional pathway, career and learning goals.

Further study options

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Business Law, to further your understanding of business and to gain an added skillset and expertise, you could progress into any of the below postgraduate degrees. 

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