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Oscar Davis

Level 1, Building 8, East Tower Student Accommodation, Bond University

Contact details

Professional biography

Oscar Davis completed his PhD at Bond University in 2021. He has held research and teaching positions at the University of Queensland and began teaching at Bond University in 2018.  Oscar Davis is actively researching in a variety of areas including moral philosophy and psychology, epistemology, environmental ethics, Indigenous studies, and the history of philosophy. 

Research interests

I am interested in the ethical and metaethical implications of the attempt to integrate findings from moral and evolutionary biology and psychology into moral philosophy. In this work, I explore literature surrounding the foundations of knowledge, metaethical realism, and practical wisdom. 

I am also interested in Indigenous studies and the history of ideas. My research explores how Indigenous knowledges overturn longstanding epistemological traditions in philosophy and how this has implications in debates such as in environmental ethics. 

Teaching expertise

Oscar Davis has taught in a range of areas in philosophy and Indigenous studies, including moral philosophy, the philosophy of science, natural history, Australian history, and the philosophy of art. 


  • Philosophy, PhD Bond University

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