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October 19, 2021

Bachelor of Business vs Bachelor of Commerce: Which one is right for me?

The business and commerce sectors are often grouped together, but they have very different career outcomes. Here's a comparison of the Bachelor of... Read more

October 17, 2021

What I learnt from working at the Bond Psychology Clinic

If you're studying psychology, or are considering it, a placement at the Bond Psychology Clinic is invaluable. Read more

October 15, 2021

Women in STEM: Charlotte Phelps

Hear from PhD student and woman in STEM Charlotte Phelps about her journey to finding her passion, her incredible support network, and her advice for those... Read more

October 14, 2021

How to tackle student life on a budget

While there are obvious costs associated with studying, being a student doesn’t have to break the bank. Read more

October 9, 2021

Making connections and finding success as a remote learner

Remote learning has proven no obstacle for Lavanya Bachwal, who commenced her studies at Bond University remotely from India this year. Read more

October 7, 2021

Women in STEM: Dr Anna Lorimer

Growing up in New Zealand, Dr Anna Lorimer loved history and science in high school, and ultimately decided to pursue medicinal chemistry – before initiating a... Read more

October 1, 2021

An almost-graduate’s advice: 8 things I learned during my time at Bond University

After 11 semesters – nearly 4 years – of studying at Bond University, I’ve had the chance to experience everything that Bond has to offer. Now, as I await... Read more

September 28, 2021

An award-winning mobile journalist reviews the iPhone 13

Each September, Apple introduces its latest suite of iPhones with at least one big-ticket camera feature they hope will sell the range. This year it’s... Read more

September 28, 2021

Ever wondered what an architecture ‘exam’ looks like?

While most disciplines have exams, architecture is a totally different ball game, with physical tasks and assignments outweighing 'testable' content... Read more

September 23, 2021

Women in STEM: Dr Iris Lim

A flourishing STEM career is the reason Dr Iris Lim has been able to travel the world, present her research to her peers, and meet other women who inspire and... Read more