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The life-changing legacy of Giving Day 2022

Alumna Lara Boath, host of Giving Day 2022 at Bond University.

After the life-changing impact of the inaugural Giving Day last year, Bondies have another chance to leave a legacy for their alma mater as part of Homecoming celebrations this week.

Generous donations from alumni and the broader Bond community deliver opportunities for disadvantaged students and help secure the university’s long-term future.

The community is being urged again to take part in Giving Day 2022 which will be broadcast live from campus.

Hosted by alumna and reporter Lara Boath, Bondies can dial in from around the world to hear from Vice Chancellor and President Professor Tim Brailsford, along with students and staff about the incredible impact of philanthropy on their lives.

They will also be encouraged to take part in a series of donation challenges including the chance to choose their favourite Bell Tower song.  New plaques will be added to the Fountain of Giving for donations of more than $330 and the Alumni Centre team will be creating personalised postcards for donations of $120 or more.

There are three key focus areas for donations this year.

For those wanting to leave a legacy, donating to the university’s Endowment Fund ensures the donation continues in perpetuity.

The university only ever spends 50 per cent of the interest earned from each donation so that the principal grows each year.

The Area of Greatest Need fund provides immediate support to students in need, while the Scholarship Fund protects classroom diversity and promotes equal access to a quality education.

The outside broadcast kicks off at 12.30pm on Wednesday May 18.

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