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The Psychology of Risk Management on Projects

Learn how to make sound business judgement in any situation

Our emotional memory of past experiences can greatly influence our assessment of risk. This subconscious bias towards risk aversion or risk tolerance is a result of the brain function that helps us make tens of thousands of decisions a day.

In the Psychology of Risk Management course, you will learn about the brain functions, development of human behaviour and personality characteristics vital to a range of risk-related circumstances. Discover how experienced risk managers arrange their practices to avoid or minimise the effects of these phenomena on their risk management. Gain the knowledge to make a positive and immediate difference to your organisation’s projects.

This course is available to complete online at any time via our high-quality learner platform. The self-paced delivery gives you the flexibility to work around your other commitments. Upon successful completion, you will receive a digital Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your new competencies.

Who should complete this course?

If you (or your organisation) have been affected by COVID-19, or any other crisis for that matter, and you frequently deal with risk aspects of business operations or projects, then this course is for you.

It’s important to understand that the impact of serious events such as COVID-19 can extend to poor risk management practices that could result in perfectly viable projects being delayed or suspended because of cautious attitudes. Risk managers need to understand why this is so, and this reality makes this course crucially relevant to the current business environment.


Alan Patching, Associate Dean of External Engagement, Bond University

Professor Alan Patching has over four decades of experience on major projects worth over $20 billion (in 2020 values), including his role as Project Director and owning entity CEO for the design and construction of the Sydney Olympic Stadium, a project on which daily risk management was central to its on-original-schedule and within-original-budget completion. He also holds a masters degree, a PhD, and substantial clinical experience in psych/human behaviour related areas.

Alan has taught Risk Management and human behaviour/psychology related subjects at masters level for several education institutions for over 20 years. There is possibly no one better qualified to bring this important course to you at such a crucially important time.

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