Verification of qualifications

Privacy principles do not apply to material which is maintained on a public register. Given that one of Bond University's (the University) primary functions is to confer higher education degrees and awards, the University maintains a register of its graduates (via the student information system). This free service allows us to provide the following information as a matter of public record:

  • Confirmation of graduates qualifications
  • Award Level (Honours, etc.)
  • Date of conferral

This verification tool is not available for current students or students who have never completed their degree. Results will also not be returned for graduates who have sanctions preventing the release of their graduation status.

Access the online verification service

Complete this declaration:

I have read and understood the following:

  • This online service only provides verification of the award of an academic qualification and the conferral date. All other requests must be accompanied by payment and authorisation and the University is under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to disclose the information.
  • The University cannot always guarantee a search return.
  • The University will not disclose the graduation status of graduates who have current sanctions preventing the release of this information.

Accept these conditions and continue


To search for a record enter:

  • Surname (Family Name)
  • Birth Date
  • Given Name (Optional)

Searches will only be returned if the surname and date of birth exactly match a record in the data base, including spaces and apostrophes, eg. McDonald is stored separately to Mc Donald and D'Alo will not come up under a search for Dalo. However, the search is not case sensitive. Please note you will be required to use the graduate’s name at the time of graduation – if their name has changed the system will not return a result with the new name.

If you believe you were unable to verify the qualification due to system error, please send an enquiry to [email protected] and we will look into this for you.