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Written by St Andrews Lutheran College School Captain, Amber Chalmers, who studied a Climate Law subject through the Student for a Semester program.

Becoming a Student for a Semester

I love the planet. I love its wonders and its beauties, its mysteries and its flaws, its everchanging system. I chose to complete the Bond University Student for a Semester program, more specifically the Climate Change and the Future World subject as I am passionate and curious. I have a love for learning and when it comes to learning about the world, I can’t get enough of it. Through this program, Bond offered something no other university did and I saw this as a big opportunity. I love school but being able to take a break and be a part of something bigger really intrigued me. Bond offered such a variety of student programs and when I heard there was one about the planet it was a sealed deal for me.

My experience

I was the only high school student in my chosen course, and I absolutely loved it. I could sit back observe, take notes and learn about some of the most interesting topics. Everyone in my course was so welcoming and interesting and it really sold me on applying for university. Before I took this course, I wasn’t entirely sure where, what and when I would go to university but being in this type of environment really changed my point of view and opened up my world.

My advice to current Year 12 students

The Climate Change and the Future World subject was 100 per cent worth taking and if I could, I would definitely go back and do it all over again. Taking initiative, stepping forward and doing something a little bit extra I believe has made me a more curious, keen and interested independent person. I would highly recommend harnessing these opportunities and making the most of the amazing education system Australia, and more specifically Bond, offers.

Want to be a Student for a Semester?

Bond University’s Student for a Semester program gives high achieving year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to gain an authentic university experience before they finish high school.

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