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Written by Bachelor of Journalism student Jessica Borten.

A career in tourism might seem like an odd dream to have amidst the global pandemic, but Bond University student, Jessica Shefford, remains passionate and is eager to find success in the industry.

Jessica originally enrolled in a Bachelor of Business with a major in tourism management but changed to a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at the beginning of her third semester. 

“I started my major in semester two and realised that my favourite subjects were from my tourism management major and so I decided to have a look into the Hospitality and Tourism degree,” said Jessica. 

“Growing up on the Gold Coast, obviously I’ve been around tourism my whole life. Seeing all the developments that have happened, it’s really interesting and is something I want to be a part of.

“Attending all the different events, like the Commonwealth Games and the Gold Coast Show, has made me want to be involved in an industry that makes a difference, especially in my home city.”

Jessica chose to study at Bond University because of the professional outcomes and hopes to land a job in event management or in the hotel industry beyond her degree.

“I’ve lived in Burleigh my entire life so I’ve constantly driven past Bond. It’s always been a luxurious place, a dream place to study,” she said.

“I never thought I’d be able to go [to Bond University] but after a bit of hard work, I realised I could actually be a student here.

“Going to Bond, there are so many more professional outcomes, and I feel like being here is advantageous.”

With international borders closed, the tourism industry has experienced a significant decrease in profits since early 2020.

Jessica says she is still excited to study tourism despite the uncertainty and limited job prospects.

“Employers from the industry will look for someone who hasn’t changed out of tourism because of what’s happened, they will look for someone who is still keen and passionate,” she said.

“I think businesses in tourism have had the opportunity to re-evaluate their business strategies, so I think some businesses will strive more because of the pandemic.

“If I get the opportunity to be a part of the recovery process, it would be something I’d want to do to make an impact.

“I still think a career in tourism is a great opportunity because tourism on the Gold Coast isn’t going anywhere.”