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Written by Bachelor of Laws student Chamudi Samaratunga. 

I have been studying online for over a year now, and the past five semesters have been great. Due to the pandemic, Bond made the transition to multi-modal learning, and after restrictions began to ease I decided to continue with online classes. This was mainly because of convenience – I live 40 minutes away from campus, so it takes me an hour, maybe more, to get to campus on public transport. Studying from home also saves me money on my train and bus fares.

I’m so glad that I got to attend my first year of university on campus, because that made the transition from on-campus to online a lot smoother. At first, it was a daunting concept, but once I got used to it, I really learned to love it! I have made so many friends from attending my tutorials and lectures online and by participating in group work.

While studying online, the level and quality of learning hasn’t changed whatsoever. I still receive the same amount of support from my teachers even though I am learning remotely. Almost all lectures are recorded, so this makes it easy to view them online whenever suits you best.

Chamudi loves learning remotely, saying that it's no different to studying on campus

Accessing support remotely

The idea of commencing your very first semester of university, or of university at Bond, might be a scary thought. However, I assure you that there are so many facilities and helpful faculty members that will guide you through the process. One thing that’s great about Bond’s remote setup is that the Academic Skills Centre (ASC) is not just available in person, but online as well. It’s really helpful to be able to set up a virtual meeting with one of the ASC’s experts and clarify any concepts you’re unsure about, including grammar and spelling, referencing and presentation support.

If you’re studying online, one of my biggest tips is to check your emails and Student Portal once a day at minimum. This is so important – your email and the portal are your way to access learning resources. By checking these, you’ll be able to find out and keep on top of due dates for your assessments, extracurricular activity information, your payment information and any networking opportunities, just as an example.

Connecting with others

I truly believe that everything you can do on campus can be done online, and Bond works hard to facilitate that. For example, if you’d like to get involved with a student association, you can apply from anywhere in the world. I was a part of the Bond Asian Law Students’ Society, and all of these events were hosted online. I’m also the president of the Bond International Students’ Association, and in building this society, it was important for me to have a diverse group of members from all over the world. We hold events including language sessions, yoga classes and cooking lessons, all streamed online.

A quick tip for you – if you’re interested in one of Bond’s associations, follow them on social media! This is the best way to stay up to date with events and more.

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Placements, internships and exams online

I was able to find a work from home internship with the help of the Career Development Centre (CDC). The CDC helps Bond students find up to two placement opportunities, and also provides career resources that assist with obtaining internships in Australia and even overseas.

Another way that Bond has adapted to remote and multi-modal delivery is by hosting end of semester exams online. This has been the way since March 2020, and means that now, exams are available online for 24 hours rather than a set two-hour exam block. This is actually a great positive; you can take your time and work through the paper in a setting that’s comfortable for you and a time that works with your schedule. We also have online textbooks available to be borrowed through the Library, which makes remote learning a really simple process.

I’ve loved every second of my remote learning journey and am excited to continue studying via this delivery mode. I believe that all the tools you need to succeed are available at Bond, whether you’re on campus or remote. As long as you stay informed and organised, the possibilities are endless!

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