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Healthcare Innovations


Bond University is offering single subject offerings as a taster for postgraduate study and a great professional development opportunity. Enrol in a single subject of your choice relative to your chosen field.

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The Exploring Knowledge Translation in Clinical Practice microcredentials provides the skills and knowledge to navigate the latest research evidence, critically evaluate current practices and lead the implementation of an improvement plan. Designed as a series of four professional development courses, the microcredentials will guide you through identifying knowledge practice gaps and effectively engaging and influencing stakeholders to effect positive change in your organisation.

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The Graduate Certificate in Health Systems will positively challenge the way professionals understand and work within Australian and international health systems. The way in which the diverse population interacts with and uses healthcare services will be explored to promote equitable systems. Professionals will be facilitated to compare and benchmark health systems and identify opportunities for evidence-informed innovations.  

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The Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovations will deepen professionals’ knowledge of health systems, evidence based practice and organisational behaviour. Students will learn to use design thinking and problem solving strategies to lead, educate and influence colleagues and healthcare users towards improving and innovating healthcare practice.

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The Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Practice will transform the way professionals interpret and keep up to date with the growing volume of research evidence. It will deepen professionals’ critical thinking to apply evidence-based practice to maintain high quality practice and inform improvements where appropriate. It will also provide an understanding of research methodologies for students considering research higher degrees.

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The Master of Healthcare Innovations is designed for professionals seeking their next challenge in healthcare. Graduates will be able to shape and refine ways in which they lead and innovate through developing or improving products, processes and/or redesigning services.

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Bond University has created a suite of Healthcare Innovations program offerings  to develop post-graduates’ abilities to navigate research evidence, critically evaluate health systems and practices, and use data and technology to identify opportunities for sustainable innovations. 

The curriculum will inspire students to critically examine current healthcare practices from different perspectives, in order to innovate and drive improvement.

Students explore and analyse contemporary challenges in health, education, business and research practices to create more effective, efficient, and sustainable health systems.

These offerings target a diverse cohort of health professionals, administrators and change makers. A range of flexible study options are offered including Single Subject Offerings, Microcredentials, Graduate Certificates, a Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree.

The Healthcare Innovations program offerings are designed and delivered by experienced educators, researchers and innovators within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, and the Bond Business School.  

Bond offers Healthcare Innovations Education Grant for 2022 and 2023

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, healthcare services and healthcare workers have been operating under extreme stress and in a state of constant disruption, with many families also experiencing financial pressures.

The need to understand and navigate complex health systems, to apply dynamic research evidence and lead innovation in healthcare has never been greater.

To help aid the recovery of the sector and support the development and upskilling of its people, Bond University is offering an Education Grant to healthcare practitioners to study our Healthcare Innovations Programs in 2022 and 2023.

This Grant provides a 20% reduction in tuition fees, which equates to over $1,000 per subject or a saving of approximately $12,000* on our Master of Healthcare Innovations offering.

Who is eligible?

All students commencing in one of our Healthcare Innovations Programs (listed below) in 2022 and 2023 will be eligible for a Healthcare Education Grant.

This grant only applies to students enrolled in our Healthcare Innovations program offerings from January 2022 to December 2023 (see table below). 

This grant cannot be applied in addition to existing alumni discounts or existing scholarships for Healthcare Innovations students.

Education Grants are available for the following Healthcare Innovations program offering:

Single Subject (selected subjects available in this format)Grant to the approximate value of $1,000
Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Practice (4 subjects)Grant to the approximate value of $4,000
Graduate Certificate in Health Systems (4 subjects)Grant to the approximate value of $4,000
Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovations (8 subjects)Grant to the approximate value of $8,000
*Master of Healthcare Innovations (11 subjects)Grant to the approximate value of $12,000

You can learn more about the Healthcare Innovations Education Grant here and about our Program Offerings by booking a Test Drive.

What's Happening in Healthcare Innovations

Sustainable Healthcare Awards

Bond University's Sustainable Healthcare Awards were developed to bring together innovators and change makers, recognising their achievements and supporting uptake in our healthcare services. The calibre entries and deciding our winners was no mean feat for our external, independent judging panel.

2021 Sustainable Healthcare Award Winners:

  • Policy and Practice Award Winner: The Two-Week Systematic Review (2weekSR) - The 2weekSR Team, Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare
  • Research Award Winner:  Estimating the Magnitude of Cancer Over Diagnosis in Australia - Professor Paul Glasziou, Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare
  • Education and Health Literacy Award Winner: Maternity Education Program, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Leadership Award Winner: Tele-Cardiac Investigations Program - Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

We would also like to recognise the following individuals and teams who received special commendations for their submissions:

  • Primary Sense - Gold Coast Primary Health Network (Policy & Practice Award)
  • Allied Health Translating Research into Practice (AH-TRIP) Program - Dr Ingrid Hickman, Princess Alexandra Hospital (Education & Health Literacy Award)
  • PIVOT model - Caboolture Hospital Emergency Department (Leadership Award)
  • The Yapatjarrathati Project - Associate Professor Dianne Shanley and the Yappatjarrathati Research and Healthcare Team, Griffith University (Research Award)

You can visit our website for updates on this and future Sustainable Healthcare Awards.

Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare

Bond University’s Institute for Evidence-Based (IEBH) is a highly-influential and internationally-renowned research centre and thought-leader in the realm of evidence-based practice.

Its ultimate vision is for a sustainable health system where patients, families and clinicians make fully-informed choices based on the best available evidence.

Its aim is to impact and influence the global healthcare sector, form national and international partnerships, translate research findings into clinical care best-practice, and develop and deliver unique new education programs.

The Institute’s research focus is in four high impact areas: antibiotic resistance, overdiagnosis, non-pharmaceutical treatments and waste in medical research.

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IEBH Research focus

Our research focus will continue to address big, neglected problems in healthcare and assist health systems to provide appropriate care that is patient-centred and where the benefits and harms are weighted up, informed by evidence and enables patients to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.

Antibiotic resistance >

Overdiagnosis >

Neglected non-pharmaceutical treatments >

Waste in medical research >

Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University is recognised for the excellence of its education and research in the medical, health and sports sciences. 

The Faculty offers a personalised educational experience where you will enjoy small class sizes, assured placements and work experience opportunities, as well as comprehensive use of industry equipment and the latest technologies.

You will benefit from industry experts and internationally published academics who not only know you by name, but embrace an 'open door' policy and have a dedicated interest in your success.

These factors, combined with an accelerated 3-semester per year timetable, attract some of the brightest and most ambitious students who are eager to embark on their careers sooner, and make a significant impact in their chosen industry.

Discover why Bond University is consistently ranked first in Australia for student experience and student satisfaction, and fifth in the world for the quality of our international student experience.

Graduate outcomes

Our alumni at a glance

  • #1 job title held by Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine alumni is Physiotherapist, General Practitioner, Resident Medical Officer and Dietitian.
  • Among the top 10 employers are Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland Health, Royal Brisbane Hospital, and Princess Alexandra Hospital.
  • 31% of our alumni are from more than 20 different countries.

Bond University Alumni Database November 2019

Health and Medical Research

5 stars for health research

The Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) has rated our Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine's research activity Well Above World Standard in Public Health and Health Services, achieving Above World Standard in Clinical Sciences and World Standard for Human Movement and Sports Science as well as Nutrition and Dietetics.

Well Above World Standard
Public Health and Health Services
Above World Standard
Clinical Sciences
World Standard
Human Movement and Sports Science
Nutrition and Dietetics

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