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Healthcare Innovations

Bond University has created a suite of Healthcare Innovations program offerings  to develop post-graduates’ abilities to navigate research evidence, critically evaluate health systems and practices, and use data and technology to identify opportunities for sustainable innovations. 

The curriculum will inspire students to critically examine current healthcare practices from different perspectives, in order to innovate and drive improvement.

Students explore and analyse contemporary challenges in health, education, business and research practices to create more effective, efficient, and sustainable health systems.

These offerings target a diverse cohort of health professionals, administrators and change makers. A range of flexible study options are offered including, Microcredentials (single subject and self-paced), Graduate Certificates, and a Master’s Degree.

The Healthcare Innovations program offerings are designed and delivered by experienced educators, researchers and innovators within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, and the Bond Business School.  

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  • I would highly recommend individuals interested in healthcare improvement to immerse themselves in Bond's Master of Healthcare Innovations program. This transformative course is a game-changer that introduces new ideas and refines existing ones to significantly enhance healthcare services and improve health outcomes. 

    Amy Ignacio - Master of Healthcare Innovations - Recipient of the Australia Awards Scholarship
  • Specialist Consultant

    “The Healthcare Innovations program has given me a new set of skills that has enabled me to achieve real change by implementing a specialist palliative care project in over 50 residential aged care facilities across the Gold Coast.

    The program has taught me how to engage and empower stakeholders to take action, so together, we can achieve the outcomes we need with the resources we have. I have also learned the pitch presentation skills to present important information to key influencers in the health system. I have garnered their support and resources for a statewide project, which will provide specialist palliative care services in a different way.”

    Dr Nicola Morgan -
  • "The Master of Healthcare Innovations has helped me to question things and become a more critical thinker. It has already enhanced my research and presentation skills and I can see that what I’ve learned about managing people, innovation and entrepreneurship will be incredibly useful for helping me achieve my career aspirations in the years to come."

    Emilie Derrington - Master of Healthcare Innovations
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Driving change through innovation in healthcare

Hear from Director of the Bond University Institute of Evidence-Based Healthcare Professor Paul Glasziou, Head of Program Professor Sharon Mickan, and alumna Dr Nicola Morgan.

What's happening in healthcare innovations

Cohort Innovation Space and Bond University to accelerate healthcare innovation through LuminaX Partnership

A new partnership with Cohort Innovation Space that will support promising Australian entrepreneurs and provide post-graduate students the opportunity to practically apply their learnings within the emerging sectors of healthtech and medtech. 

Read more about Cohort Innovation Space and Bond University to accelerate healthcare innovation through LuminaX Partnership

VaxVisa app verifies COVID-19 test results

Erika Harman, a dietician currently studying Bond’s Master of Healthcare Innovations, has worked with her partner to create VaxVisa, a technology solution providing verifiable digital certificates for vaccination and laboratory test results.

Read more about VaxVisa app verifies COVID-19 test results

How do we know that telehealth is working?

Associate Professor Alex Stephens has written this blog with Professor Sharon Mickan, Head of Healthcare Innovations to share perspectives of the dynamic innovation of telehealth within the Northern NSW Local Health District, where he is the Director of Research. 

Read more about How do we know that telehealth is working?

Teletherapy: an innovative opportunity?

Associate Adjunct Professor Kerrie Mahon has written this blog with Professor Sharon Mickan, Head of Healthcare Innovations to share the perspective of “innovation in action” within an organisation that Kerrie leads. 

Read more about Teletherapy: an innovative opportunity?

GP Taskforce revolutionising Coronavirus patient care

Clinical guidelines for general practitioners typically take months, if not years, to be developed. But during the current pandemic, a special Taskforce, together with expert panels, have transformed patient care by developing a set of world-first, weekly-updated clinical guidelines.

Read more about GP Taskforce revolutionising Coronavirus patient care

Fostering healthcare innovation in times of crisis

Management theorists have long known that innovation in the workplace improves efficiency and problem solving. In healthcare, the stakes are higher. It isn’t just about improved organisational outcomes – in healthcare, innovation can mean improved patient safety.

Read more about Fostering healthcare innovation in times of crisis

How the Master of Healthcare Innovations is helping to modernise global healthcare systems

Bond student Amy Ignacio, reflects on her experience studying the unique Master of Healthcare Innovations and shares her aspirations to improve Philippine Coast Guard personnel's access to healthcare.

Read more about How the Master of Healthcare Innovations is helping to modernise global healthcare systems

BOND BYTE with Amy Ignacio: From medicine to the Phillipines Coast Guard

For most of her life, Amy Ignacio wanted to be a doctor. But sometimes career paths take unexpected turns. And that's where Amy's completion of a Bond University Masters in Healthcare Innovations came in. From an Ear, Nose and Throat specialty to a career with the Philippines Coast Guard. Learn more about Amy's story here.

Read more about BOND BYTE with Amy Ignacio: From medicine to the Phillipines Coast Guard

Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare


Bond University’s Institute for Evidence-Based (IEBH) is a highly-influential and internationally-renowned research centre and thought-leader in the realm of evidence-based practice.

Its ultimate vision is for a sustainable health system where patients, families and clinicians make fully-informed choices based on the best available evidence.

Its aim is to impact and influence the global healthcare sector, form national and international partnerships, translate research findings into clinical care best-practice, and develop and deliver unique new education programs.

The Institute’s research focus is in four high impact areas: antibiotic resistance, overdiagnosis, non-pharmaceutical treatments and waste in medical research.

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Our research focus will continue to address big, neglected problems in healthcare and assist health systems to provide appropriate care that is patient-centred and where the benefits and harms are weighted up, informed by evidence and enables patients to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.

Antibiotic resistance >

Overdiagnosis >

Neglected non-pharmaceutical treatments >

Waste in medical research >

Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University is recognised for the excellence of its education and research in the medical, health and sports sciences. 

The Faculty offers a personalised educational experience where you will enjoy small class sizes, assured placements and work experience opportunities, as well as comprehensive use of industry equipment and the latest technologies.

You will benefit from industry experts and internationally published academics who not only know you by name, but embrace an 'open door' policy and have a dedicated interest in your success.

These factors, combined with an accelerated 3-semester per year timetable, attract some of the brightest and most ambitious students who are eager to embark on their careers sooner, and make a significant impact in their chosen industry.

Discover why Bond University is consistently ranked first in Australia for student experience and student satisfaction, and fifth in the world for the quality of our international student experience.

Graduate outcomes

Our alumni at a glance

  • #1 job title held by Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine alumni is Physiotherapist, General Practitioner, Resident Medical Officer and Dietitian.
  • Among the top 10 employers are Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland Health, Royal Brisbane Hospital, and Princess Alexandra Hospital.
  • 31% of our alumni are from more than 20 different countries.

Source: Bond University Alumni Database November 2019

Health and Medical Research

5 stars for health research

The Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) has rated our Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine's research activity Well Above World Standard in Public Health and Health Services, achieving Above World Standard in Clinical Sciences and World Standard for Human Movement and Sports Science as well as Nutrition and Dietetics.

Well Above World Standard - 5 stars
Public Health and Health Services

Above World Standard - 4 stars
Clinical Sciences

World Standard - 3 stars
Human Movement and Sports Science
Nutrition and Dietetics