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Public Lecture: Shields Up: Cybersecurity Project Management

With only a superficial look at cybersecurity in the news, we quickly concludes cybersecurity threats are increasing and becoming more impactful, and that businesses, government, and individuals are increasingly at risk. We can expect more cybersecurity regulation and global cooperation as cyber threats transends borders. A safe prediction is there will be more cybersecurity projects in the foreseeable future to protect our infrastructure, personal data, and our increasingly dependency on digital things.

Unfortunately, the world has a problem delivering successful projects; for example, a 2020 KPMG/Australian Institute of Project Management reported that only 25% of projects implemented in Australia were considered successful by their project stakeholders. Therefore, we see more cybersecurity projects with greater importance, yet our project success rate is generally one of failure. What is going on? What can be done?

Dr Skulmoski presents an overview of cybersecurity and the rise of global threats. He outlines the challenges to manage cybersecurity and offers an integrated approach to cybersecurity project management. Greg detailed his award-winning project management approach in “Shields Up: A Hybrid Proj`ect Management Approach to Cybersecurity” that is currently in press with advance praise:

“Must Read” Jason Roos, Chief Information Officer King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

“Best I Have Seen In My Career” Distinguished Professor Emeritus Timothy Kloppenborg PhD, Project Management Xavier University, United States

Join Greg for this non-technical presentation about using hybrid project management to implement cybersecurity projects, and how to enhance cybersecurity in any technology project.

  • Date: Thursday, 19 May
  • Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm (AEST, Gold Coast time)
  • Event format: Multimodal webinar with live Q&A 
  • Location: Virtual, but you can attend the live-stream on campus if you wish (Room 4_3_37)
  • Tickets: Free, but please register to gain access to the Zoom link or to confirm your physical seat

About the speaker 

Greg Skulmoski is a seasoned (and bruised!) project manager with about $10 billion dollars project experience having led both technical and non-technical projects in the Australia, Middle East, and Canada. Greg combined hybrid project management tools and processes to win the CISO 2017 Middle East Security Award (for risk management in projects). Later, Greg was one of the project managers for the Smartphone-Connected Pacemaker Devices program that won the Cleveland Clinic Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2021.

Dr. Skulmoski currently teaches risk management and project innovation management at Bond University in the Faculty of Society and Design. Greg’s teaching focus is on using practical processes and tools to successfully implement projects, including digital transformation and cybersecurity projects.